Speakerbox Mondays Royal Cortez's song of the week:Break Them Shackles by Lando Chill

Mello Music Group's Lando Chill dropped a track titled Break Them Shackles last week which will help you set free from the shackles that are on your mind,heart, and spirit. I chose Lando Chill's newest track for my "Royal Cortez's song of the week" segment with Speakerbox on 99.1  for many reasons which I will cover In this piece. This talented MC was born In Chicago which Is a city that has birthed many great artists like Kanye West,Common, and most recently Chance The Rapper. Even though he was born in the Chi he now calls the beautiful city named Tucson as his new home which will help him grow as a person and aritst. Lando Is a Chill artist who also has a edge of aggressiveness which he displays on this track. He Is known for his relaxed vocals and amazing lyrics which he showcases the latter on his latest offering. If you are not familiar with this dude let me get you acquainted and Inform you on why I decided to choose this song to get played for Speakerbox this past Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm! -Royal Cortez

How I Interpreted this track was simple It was talking about breaking down the shackles that prevent us from reaching happiness and which ever goals we might have. He delivered something different with a hard hitting flow like a Canelo combo that landed this past weekend. When you see the name Lando Chill you expect to hear chill vibes which Is exactly what he delivers on this song. His delivery Is chilling It gives you chills down your spine like If you seen a ghost like If you were John Constantine. Every song I choose for this segment has a reason to why It was chose. Lately I been battling my demons which have put shackles on my happiness, mind, and soul. When I clicked play on the Soundcloud link I got caught off guard lets say like when a pop up scene happens In a horror movie. I was startled not because I was scared but reason being this gem shows that Lando Chill Is growing as a artist and Is a very diverse Individual. When I finished playing this track I realized that this song helped me realize what has been In front of my eyes the whole time! I been stressing about a lot of things lately that have put barriers that I need to jump over and this song showed me that I can break these shackles that are holding me down. That Is how I would Interpret this great track and I hope others would see my reasoning makes perfect sense. The reason why I chose this track Is because It Is a double entendre to the common ear It will just be a awesome song produced by talented beatmakers Triceratop & The Lasso who mos def deliver In all cylinders. But there Is a deeper meaning that Is obvious In the title which Is Break The Shackles. This track shows Lando Chill breaking the shackles which have had a hold of him and elevating to greater heights which will help him become who he aspires to be. Another huge reason I chose this song for my segment with Speakerbox Is Its a track you can vibe to & bob your head to which Is rare In the current landscape that we call music. The hook Is beyond catchy which will help you get hyped. Lando's flow Is on Sub Zero on Break Them Shackles It Is accurate and It goes perfect with the amazing production. The outro was a very great addition It ended It on a Interesting note which will build suspense as he gets ready to release his new album titled The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind. Make sure you tune Into Speakerbox on 99.1 at 2pm this Sunday to hear this weeks edition of "Royal Cortez's Song Of The Week."