Balanced Vibrations Vol.4 Review

This Is my first time doing a review on a beat tape so lets make this one special! The talented producer behind great tracks Too Bad and Tender Love by Elias Is the dude who created the amazing production which helped contribute to make those songs so awesome. BV Beats dropped a beat tape on 4/20 which Is very cool reason being the production on this project has a trippy vibe to it. While you are hearing Balanced Vibrations Vol.4 you will catch yourself saying get trippy. (Juicy J Voice) If you are looking for a dope producer to work with I would recommend you check this project out and see why BV Beats Is someone you should reach out to for production! He Is a underrated producer In the city and with this write up I will try my best to convince you to stop sleeeeeping! -Royal Cortez

This 9 track offering Is probably one of my favorite listening experiences this year so far! When I listen to rap I usually get hyped up and get more In my rapper vibe. But the thing Is when I hear beat tapes or Instrumental albums I am more focused and I try to understand why they created that certain vibe. He released this offering on 4/20 which Is a perfect day because when you hear this beat tape you get high off the vibrations which will either have you balanced or unbalanced! BV Beats showcases his producing talents on a beat tape which Is genuinely very fun to listen to. If you are a fan of production this will be a very fun tape to listen to. Something that Is missing now a days is the appreciation for the people who make music possible the producers! Producers are people who are underappreciated because they are not In the front of music they are the ones behind the scenes cooking the beats we enjoy. Many hip hop blogs sleep heavy on producers but I'm going to let it be known now that will not sleep on any element of the genre! This project has great vibes all around which will make you a fan and see why BV Beats Is so talented. If you are truly a fan of music you will listen to each song and see that they are all different but so similar Its crazy! This tape starts off with the well named Lost because you will truly get lost In the music. Lost Is a really chill track with a great vibe which will make you appreciate It. The sample In the background was a really well addition It makes you get goosebumps when you hear It and hearing a dope lyricist on this beat sound perfect. I need that has that trippy "God danm I took to many edibles" energy to It. The 2nd track off this project Is a chill beat which Is a mix of hype and laid back which makes It beyond awesome! Its a cool transition from the more mellow vibe to something more trapish but also relaxing feel. One of the tracks I enjoyed the most on this project has to be Mind,Body, Spirit because the energy I got from It was truly special. Have you ever heard a beat and feel In love? When I listened to this song I knew I was blessed because I reminisced to the time when I listened to my first hip hop song which was Everyday Struggle. Listening to the 3rd time made me fall In love It was like the first time I ate carne asada burritos or Sonoran hot dogs. How can I put this In a way you can understand If you are a dog lover when did you realize you had a love for dogs? The answer Is obvious and Its the moment your eyes came across a dog. But In this case I fell In love with this track because the beat has a very special vibe which seperates It from any beat I have heard recently. Highs and Lows Is the 4th track off this project which I believe was a good track to follow the previous one. Highs and Lows gives me a mad J Dilla vibe Its funky chill and relaxing. BV Beats shines as a producer on this tape because he shows that he Is very versatile and It elevates his content. This projects tags have funk and Tucson I believe that Is very accurate reason being Its a Tucson producer bringing you that funk to enjoy! The thing that separates this talented producer from others Is his ability to create dope beats like the ones they are making but he adds his own funk his own twist to it. The last track on this beat tape is titled Levitate which Is a dope name because when you hear this beat you start levitating like a monk reason being the funk catches you off guard like a skunk. When you hear Levitate you realize that Its a good track to end this great offering. The reason I think It Is great to end this tape Is when you hear it you realize that you hear vibes like this one through out the whole project! If you have not checked it out I suggest you do you can hear it on his Bandcamp! This project in my eyes will wake up a lot of people up and show them that BV Beats Is a very great producer who will impress them If they let him! When you finish hearing this dope 9 track tape you will realize that It will help balance your vibrations.

Favorite Song? Like A Dream

Man I'm not going to front when I heard this beat I was geeking man Its so well made its awesome! When I heard the sample I knew I was going to enjoy It. BV Beats showcases his ear for great samples and It ultimately makes this track a standout. Something that many people seem to forget Is that producing Is a art so when I see a producer create dope content I have to show love! Something Is not very known about me Is that I am a huge fan of samples It takes me to a different place. Samples that are executed well are amazing and BV showcased his ability to create awesome vibes. Lately I been stressed out I've have a lot of things going through my mind but when I heard this track it brought peace to my mind. Like a dream Is a perfect name for a song which will truly have you dreaming about your passions,loves and all the rest.

Rating: 4 Crowns

Balanced Vibrations Is going to get a 4 crowns rating reason being It Is the first beat tape In a while that gave me this feeling. Over all this project showcases what this talented producer has to offer and that Is great vibes. His ability to create a tape which has a certain vibe all over It Is beyond Impressive and deserves the ultimate praise. The thing that makes certain beat tapes amazing Is their ability to be great without the voice of a MC or singer. This project showed why BV Beats should be taking seriously as a producer In the city. If you are a artist and your looking for that funk he should be at the top of your list to check out so If I were you slide in his messages before he gets busy! In this tape he shows that he Is perfectly capable of shining on his own with out the assistance of other artists and that Is why he earned such a high rating In my book.