Zani drops new song called My Squad

The young artist known as Zani dropped a banger for us to vibe with! This track Is produced by himself which Is also very dope to hear. Rappers that also make beats are very rare now a days so It Is always dope to see artists who can do that. This is a track with a catchy hook which will get it stuck In your head for a minute. If you have not heard of Zani let me get you acquainted with this young head who will be performing at this months Gldn Party which has a amazing line up. When you take a look at this months Gldn Party flyer you see many known names like the big homies Marley B & Cash Lanksy. You also see young artists like Woodro and R3D who is a part of Vinsanitty Productions. You can also see the talented trio from Phat Cat Records DRXL Heights, I guess where I am getting at Is Its a amazing line up and this Is a great opportunity for Zani to make a name for himself. -Royal Cortez

My Squad Is a catchy song which will be played at smoke sessions and parties because It Is truly a banger. It Is ok for music to not be all that lyrical we need music to party to and Zani delivered a track that we can vibe to. Something that I like a lot about this dudes music Is that he has many quotable lyrics. The thing that separates him from many other young heads Is that he carries him self like a professional which gives his music a huge advantage. Woodro Is probably the best lyrical young head In the city but Zani Is probably one of the best young heads under 20 with the bangers. When you listen to this dudes music I know what your thinking fire beats so you will assume that his pen game Is weak but let me inform you that you are wrong big time. This dude mixes a strong pen game with great production which does nothing but elevate the content and his music. If you are a person which likes music that will hype you up this Is a song I recommend you check out. In this track he states "Royal Fam over everything" which I assume Is his team. This cat Is pretty young so he still has a lot of time to grow and I believe he will continue dropping heat like this track which will turn you into a fan. My Squad Is a track that will not sound out of place on the radio because Its a song that Is perfect for the summer time. The beat Is modern and he adds his own twist to this style of music which Is dope. If you have not heard this song get on game and go check it out! You can catch Zani at the Gldn Party which Is going to go down on May 27th.