Joey Jewish drops a video for 64

The talented artist known as Joey Jewish Is gearing up to release The Vantes Project soon but for now he gives us a video for the single off that offering with the very well titled 64. I found about this artist through the homie Trix when he suggested I check out Beautiful Solitude. I checked It out and I came to the conclussion that It was a very well constructed project which I also recommend you check out. Ever since I first heard this talented Individual's music I been wanting to hear more so when he dropped this video I was hyped to consume his art! If you have not heard of Joey Jewish I am about to put you on a amazing artist which will make you a fan with his latest offering. Prepare to be amazed with awesome vocals,visuals, and a really tight vibe. -Royal Cortez

Joey Jewish Is a very dope artist that always delivers cool vibes for his great music which at the end of the day elevates his content. I believe something that Is missing In music videos now a days Is solid concepts many music videos are all the same and It Is truly irritating as a fan of music. Many artists just shoot scenes any where and call it a video which Is something that ultimately devalues the content In my opinion. I appreciate how this dude executes his vision so perfectly. The way he executes videos are a perfect example of how to execute visuals correctly. When you hear the name 64 you get flashbacks to 1988 when Eazy E dropped Boys n the hood. When you read the title of this track you expect to hear gangsta rap so when you hear some great vocals It catches you off guard which Is the best way I can describe it! You get hit out of no where like a sucker punch because you are not expecting It. The scenes In this video are very cool to see there Is even a 64 which you would expect since the name of the track Is 64. If you love classic cars and amazing music this Is the video for you. 64 Is a perfect song with Its relaxing vocals,on point lyrics, and the vibe Is out of the world. This video was done really well every scene contributes to make 64 one of the best videos that has been released this year so far. If you are looking to find out about the talent that the city has to offer Joey Jewish will be at the top of your list to check out. He creates awesome vibes which will make you a fan right away. I enjoyed how he Incorporated the sunset It was really cool to see In this video. This Is probably my favorite video that Yung Mac has shot because the vibe Is different and Its different from his other videos. You can also check out this song on Spotify and Preorder The Vantes Project on Itunes.