vasFasi Review

Phat Cat Records artist Donny Kaii released a stellar project titled vasFasi. His latest release shows the growth of a gifted lyricist. With vasFasi he showcases that he Is a dude who can create great songs & that he posses a amazing ear for beats. If you are looking for a tape full of great vibes vasFasi Is for you. Donny Kaii has gave us a awesome project to bump when we are out with our friends so make sure you put It In rotation when you are out! Donny Kaii delivered a great tape which will surely be on rotation for a very long long long time. -Royal Cortez

Donny Kaii's newest project dropped earlier this week. Fun fact but before It was released he had a listening party which was truly epic. It kicks off with Wellfair which has a great beat that has him rapping over a smooth piano. On this gem he talks about many things. He tells the listener that when he was younger he couldn't buy certain things. But now he spends a grip of money on things he always desired. The next song Is titled Gunz & Roses which has him painting a picture like Picasso. This jewel has the assistance of Tata Sonni, who Is also a very gifted artist In his own right. In this track he tells us a story of how he met his wife and how he has been Inlove with her since before he even knew It. This Is one of the most refreshing tracks I have heard In a minute. I believe you will feel the very sane way when you press play. The 3rd song Is titled Searching, which tells the story of how he was looking for love but once he found It he cuffed her. With the addition of B3ANZ this track Is truly a stand out! The beat Is very dope & the catchy hook goes perfectly with It. Lows Is another track which Is truly awesome. When this song was playing at the listening party It stood out to me right away. I fell Inlove with the hook I could not stop repeating It In my head. It was truly breath taking to hear Highs before It was released. Donny Kaii started It off very smooth so you would think It would continue like that right? Wrong he hits you with a musicial drop kick with FLGHTS. With this tune he makes sure you take a flight with your boy! If my memory serves me right he described this song as him being on his Ignorant ish! A stand out on this tape has to be $hmoney Green. He talks about how phat cats like the color green and their pockets obesse!  He Is schooling cats, so you can call him professor Donny Kaii. One of my favorite songs on vasFasi has to be B.L.S.S. which features his Phat Cat squadmate Carlos Capital$. He starts It off with hard hitting blows on this track he Is on his Mike Tyson lyrically. He showcases his pen game with that devil and wild cat line which made my soul rise. With these last 2 tracks he starts setting the mood to get you hyped. Both him & Carlos Capital$ shine which will get you craving more collabs between these 2 phat cats. A song that will get you bouncing wall to wall like a kid who drank soda Is Foulplay! Once you hear the hook you will hit up your homies for the FoulPlay! His Phat Cat brethren Pablo+ came through with a wavy verse which Is smoother than my pick up lines! Who ever made this beat has the juice. Another song I really enjoyed Is BLVCC which features his Phat Cat partner Toro Gold. I have played this song at least 3 times a week since I catched them perform It on the Rap Van earlier this year. This hook Is one of my favorites that I have heard In the last few months. If you are looking for a diverse artist, I recommend you check out vasFasi & become acquainted with the very gifted Donny Kaii. You can check out vasFasi on his soundcloud page.

Favorite Song? C.R.E.A.M.

My favorite song off this whole project has to be C.R.E.A.M featuring Phat Cat/DRXL Heights member Sam Rose. This Is a song I been bumping for a good minute at least 5 times a week. I might be a little bias since I love seeing this song live. But lets be real how can you not love rapping along yelling Cash rules everything around me! Once you press play you will see for yourself why Its my favorite song off vasFasi.


Rating? 5 Crowns

Donny Kaii's vasFasi has earned a 5 Crowns rating from Royal Corleone because It has one very very very rare trait. The trait It has Is It will keep the listeners Interested from start to finish. You will not get bored of one track or skip a track reason being every song fits perfectly. He shines through out this whole project he showcases his song writing abilities and his stellar ear for beats. He also has some dope features which they all help to make this project so great. His diversity earned him a 5 Crowns rating and I have no doubt In my mind that the future Is looking bright for this lyricist.