E Fresh drops Arizona

E Fresh has returned with his latest track titled Arizona which has some great vocals and a stellar beat. He gives us a amazing song for the summer which we need to put In rotation because It Is a anthem for the state that we love. The same way that we know that Arizona has the best sunsets we all know we can expect some great content from one of AZ's finest. Arizona Is the first single to drop off his upcoming Real Talk Vol 1 so make sure you bump go bump It! 

E Fresh released a great song while continuing to prove he Is one of the most consistent artists In the city scratch that the whole state! I appreciate how he Is he able to create anthems while still showcasing his pen game. He released this song as a exclusive on youtube for now but I believe that was a very smart move on his part. The reason why It Is a smart move Is because he recently started a vlog titled The Life Of Fresh which you should totally check out. He Is a very smart cat and with this move he proved that. Arizona Is truly a anthem If you love this state you will put It on blast! I can see this song getting played at Carne Asadas across the southside showing love to one of our own. Tracks like this are very Important reason being It shows pride In where you are from and I love that. This jewel was released 10 days ago so what better way to celebrate than to write on It! The reason why E Fresh Is such a popular artist Is he connects with so many people that relate to what he talks about. This song Is a good fit for Real Talk Vol 1 because he fits so much truth In his lines Its crazy. Overall this song Is very catchy It has a stellar hook but It also shows that Fresh Is no slouch with his pen. I think this song Is very needed now a days especially when all you see on social media Is Arizona residents talking down on their own state. Where do they do that Sway? A few years ago when he came out with his I'm So Arizona song he had everyone singing It from where I am from. It made you proud to be from Arizona and he recaptured that same feeling to me with Arizona. When you look back 4 years ago you see that he has grown as a artist big time. There Is 2 different anthems one that will make you cringe and the one that will make you proud. Every time E Fresh drops new music he makes you proud to be from this great state. With his latest offering he showed that you should never sleep on him. This Is a summer song which you can listen to all summer long!