Soloist drop .tactics (prod.FanningSystems)

Soloist continue their hot streak with their newly released track titled .tactics which Is produced by one of the talented members. Something that I really enjoy about this team Is that they switch their line up for their tracks which makes every song a different experience. What I mean by that Is that on one song It can have FanningSystems and Doni then the next can have Dan Louis and Doni. This new track Is truly a laid back killer which will make you raise your eye brow like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. -Royal Cortez

On .tactics the Impressive duo of Dan Louis and Doni rap over a unorthodox beat which was created by the very gifted FanningSystems. A huge quality that separates these dudes from other teams Is that they are unpredictable you truly do not know what they will do so It gets you Intrigued. The beat Is very smooth which lets Systems shine with out actually spitting a verse which is beyond amazing. With every track that Is released they continue to build their case as one of the best teams out. This new song Is basically a part of their tactic to make sure every person takes notice of what they have going on. Dan Louis delivered a captivating verse which let his flow and pen game compel the listener. When you listen to this gem you will get engaged like lets say If you were watching a great movie. When you press play on .tactics you will truly absorb all the energy lyrics and production that Soloist delivered. Doni never disappoints he delivers a verse which will make you yell "Doni! Doni! Doni!" while you bump this. If you have not checked this song out yet you are truly missing out! Peep the growth of a trio which will surely continue to be a very consistent team. Its hard to choose a favorite song when they keep dropping great track after great track. If you have not checked out their latest offering I highly recommend you do.