Collar John type beats Review

For those who have been keeping count this Is just my 2nd beat tape review so I want this one to be very very very special. Adobe House member Collar John recently came out with the very well named beat tape so I saw It as my obligation to do a write up on It. Fun fact this Is the first time I have wrote about Collar John In any form! So with this review I will do my best to get you Interested In checking him out! He Is not just a talented rapper but with this project he shows he Is also a very gifted producer. -Royal Cortez

Collar John starts off this project with a very Interesting first track titled Raki. When my eyes first came across that name I was honestly astonished my thoughts where "What Is that?" So I googled It and Its a damn alcoholic beverage. Something I have noticed Is that rappers love drinking so It Is natural that they name songs after their favorite drinks. I saw this first track as Collar John Intending to get the listener Intoxicated through his strange production which will have you wondering "where has this been my whole life?" Hypothesized Compromises Is one beat that stood out to me right away like a thirst trap! I believe he has a very unique production style which Is compromised of exciting and rare vibes which will have even the most fearless man scared. The reason a man would be scared of this Is because his beats are truly cinematic they feel like you are watching a movie which Is truly epic! Grandiose Dose Is a beat which has a darker vibe to It. He truly forged a Incredible track which would fit In perfectly In a creepy pasta video! When we see something different we as humans are usually scared but we shouldn't the bizarre and eccentric Is actually very beautiful. Grandiose Dose fits flawlessly Into that description because It Is not something you would hear often but that Is the very same thing that makes It so rare. Hyphenate Is another track which will catch your attention reason being It Is so exciting to hear. Even though It Is a short track It Is one that catches your attention right away. Something that Is very common on this project Is him shining with his flawless execution. Collar John shines through out this whole tape because he Is creating music he enjoys to create! It Is very awesome to see him make some dope art and he deserves buckets of recognition for It! A song that had me nodding my head the whole time was Angst In the bottle. It had a energy which seperated It from many of the tracks on this project to me. I am going to be completely honest Collar John caught me off guard which Is very rare because I have came to expect certain things from cats. This beat tape was honestly a great listening experience I believe you will fall In love with It as I did! You can check It out on Collar John's Bandcamp page. Trust me when I say this you are going to trip out when you hear It. Imagine being high off acid and seeing Yoshi flying In the air Is the best way I can decribe it. Expect to see Collar John continue to drop great music In the future.

Favorite Bruja

My favorite song off this whole tape has to be Bruja hands down no doubt. The reason why It became my favorite Is because Bruja translates to witch In english which gave me spooky dark vibes right from the jump. When I listen to beats I can picture hearing certain artists on them and I can see a Joey Fatts,Vince Staples or even a Earl Sweatshirt on this beat. The aura this song has Is outstanding which Is why It became my favorite song off this tape.

Rating? 4 Crowns

This beat tape earned a 4 Crowns rating from me reason being he shined though every track. You can hear this tape from start to finish which Is a very difficult thing to accomplish with a music listener. Usually people would skip tracks on certain projects but with this one they wont! This listening experience would leave you astonished like a teenage male who just watched porn for the first time. Every track Is different and similar which Is confusing as hell. You think you can predict the next move In his hand but Im reality you can not! He leaves you with musical cliffhangers that blow your mind.Man the beats were created perfectly If you are a rapper and are a fan of a darker producing style Collar John Is the guy to hit up!