Rap Camp

Rap Camp has to be the most star packed track that has dropped In Tucson so far. This Is literally like a bunch of heroes linking up lets say The Avengers or Justice League but for Tucson hip hop! Adobe House members Doni,Dan Louis,Collar John, and a scientist who stays Jivin In Runt link up for a dope track. He also recruits the talented EZ Goin to be part of a meet of awesome artists. Other known names like Woodro also participated In this dope track. I haven't heard any of Ekow and Aeon before but with the roles they played on here they made me a fan. They rap over a dope beat produced by Choplifters. which has a dark vibe to it and Is perfect for rappers to go camping to. I will be talking about my thoughts,memorable lyrics, and things that stood out to me so I can convince you to check it out! -Royal Cortez

When I saw this on Doni's twitter I low key marked out because I saw many members of Adobe House and Runt who Is a member of Jivin Scientists on this track. The moment I checked this out I thought to myself "Adobe House & Jivin Scientists?" The reason why this crossed my mind was because I been wondering how this would sound since the moment I came across Doni and his team. I honestly love how all these dudes decided to come together for the sake of the music man! It Is obvious that today In music artists are scared to work with each other reason being they don't want to be outshined which I believe Is a dumb mindset! I believe working with other artists brings the best out of a cat because you want to keep up and surpass the other head! I believe working together brings the best out of artists and Woodro Is a huge example of this he truly shined on this song! Man when I heard Woodro's verse on this song I was thinking "I see you" In my gorilla position. Woodro Is proof that younger heads can hold their own on the mic with older mcs and that Is amazing In my eyes because Im a younger head myself! His verse Is one of my favorites on here. Every dude on this track shined and made this a great offering. Doni had a really dope verse on here, he shows us why he Is a great mc and why we should be keeping our ears open for him. Doni Is one of the most consistent dudes In the city and Its awesome to see him drop music so often because It keeps all his fans happy. Adobe house Is one of the best teams in the city reason being they are all talented and equally talented which makes every member dope to listen to. Collar John shines on this gem and shows that he Is also a great MC who can rap his ass off when needed. With his verse on here he makes me get excited to see what else he has to offer! The same goes for the gifted artist known as Dan Louis. Louis Is a special breed when ever he Is on a song you can expect him to shine among his peers. If you are not aware of who Jivin Scientists are you truly a fan of Tucson hip hop? If you do not know who they are I suggest you head over to their soundcloud and peep greatness. Runts flow on here Is more brutal than Conan the barbarian. Runt has a very memorable verse on here because he attacks like piranhas. This dude had one of my favorite verses on this gem reason being the way he delivered every bar. It was cleaner than my moms house on a weekend with mexican music blasting!  Ekow and Aeon made me a fan of their music with their verses. This was my first time listening to both of these dudes so I had to go scope their soundclouds after! I believe once you hear their verses you will go flocking to their soundclouds like I did! My favorite verse on this track has to go to EZ Goin reason being he proves he can hold his own with great lyricists and showcases his best qualities. The reason  why I vibed with Goin's verse heavy Is because he was himself and he spit quotable lyrics that will get stuck In your head for a good minute! If you have not heard this track yet I suggest you do that right away! Rap Camp Is probably the posse track of the year so far.