Marley B drops visuals for Grow

Marley B dropped visuals for Grow a track off a album he dropped last year which Is titled you guessed It Grow. This track Is one of many stand outs from that album which was one of the best offerings released from a Tucson artist last year. If you have not heard It I suggest you check It out because you are truly missing out. He released this video on 4/20 which Is a perfect day to release music reason being you can get high off the music or get high to the music your choice. You can come to expect great music from Marley and he never disappoints. Blar Media Group killed the visuals like always. If you have not checked out this video get on that asap! He Is gearing up to release a project In the summer produced entirely by DJ Hoppa so check out what he Is capable of. -Royal Cortez

If you are a big fan of love songs Grow Is the perfect track for you because It has that love song vibe but with a different approach which elevates this track. The Gldn artist group mc delivers with these visuals. The video fits very well with the story that he Is telling with his lyrics and for that he gets bonus points. This video Is executed with great accuracy like Ray Allen's 3s. This gem tells a story of how he has to let go of someone for their own good so he can let them grow into who they are supposed to become. A major reason why Marley B's music Is so fun to listen to Is because he Is so diverse,he can do any type of song and kill it like Jason on Friday the 13th. This song Is so well written that when you listen to It you feel like he Is talking to you directly lets say like If you were having a conversation. Marley B talks on something that I think Is very dope Is how he Is not scared to admit that he has killed some flowers by trying to make them his. Its common knowledge that many artists try to paint themselves In the best picture. But most of the time those very same rnb singers who make love songs talk about "Don't play with her" are usually the ones playing every girl they get with. But don't get me wrong I'm a huge B Tiller fan but I'm just using him as a example. I respect Marley B's honesty and we all should because honesty In music Is rare. I liked how he Included other dope artists In this video cats like Jaca Zulu and Johnny Redd. Even his Gldn artist group team mate Cash Lansky appears In what I believe Is his release party for The Cool Table reason why I think this scene was at this event was because of the ugly and gifted banner In the background. Marley B Is like a seed reason being Is all he does Is grow,grow, and grow. (Lando Chill Voice) Lando Chill killed the vocals man It was dope to see him and Marley B link up for something even If It was small. The visuals are amazing the scene for the hook was really dope I'm not even sure how I can describe It but all I'm going to say Is watch it for yourself!  He continues to grow as a artist and as a person which Is impressive as a fan of music. This video is very appealing to the eye which makes watching these visuals even more fun to watch. I'm not sure If him wearing the dro hoodie was Intentional but that small detail made this song dropping on 4/20 even more dope. This song Is very catchy,fun to listen to and those are some reasons to why Grow was a perfect song to get visuals off the album. Another track off Grow got a video a song titled 4 the likes which is also a video you need to check out. I wanted to go In depth with this one since he will be dropping a project this summer! If you have not watched the visuals for Grow I suggest you get on that this very Instant. He will be performing at 25th Hour with many dope artists like Sui Blue,Q The Phenom, his Gldn artist group teammates Cash Lansky and Jae Tilt who will be releasing his sophomore project titled Years Later.  Rubix and The Resistance will also be performing at this event which will be located at Club Congress. If you are a youngin like me who Is under 21 but want to go see Marley B perform you are In luck because he will also be performing at the Gldn party which will be on May 27th.