Speakerbox X Mondays:The Royal Cortez song of the week. #R&BEdition

This past week I have been hooked on R&B music mostly because of Adele & Bryson Tiller's new album. So choosing a R&B track as this week's Royal Cortez's song makes perfect sense. I chose a song titled Cotton Candy Skies as my song of the week on Speakerbox. Most days I would be listening to rap but R&B has slowly been taking a portion of my heart. Elias has a amazing voice with the addition of magnificent production from BV Beats they make a formidable duo. -Royal Cortez

Usually after my Intro I would have the cover art. But since this Is a special edition of Speakerbox X Mondays lets do something different. Instead of giving you guys the cover art let me paint a picture so you can see what this song Is truly about. When you think of Cotton Candy Skies you of course see a cloud but with a colorful color. Cotton Candy Is of course sweet, so when you hear this song you will understand that his vocals give you a taste which will make you want more music. This song was actually exclusively released for Meow Magazine which had a launch party that the talented Elias performed at. I love this song BV Beats create a perfect beat that matches his vocals perfectly. These 2 dudes are In sync so It Is awesome to see them create music. This song Is actually off their album which they will be releasing soon. One quality that seperates these dudes from others Is very simple their style. They create music with a style that Is very unorthodox which elevates their art. When you take a listen to Cotton Candy Skies, you will get a flashback to the early 2000s when cats like Genuine had teenage girls yelling. Something that I do alot Is when I listen to R&B I think as a song writer which has me thinking "Can I see this cat on a chorus for a song I will write?" Everytime he drops a new song I always think "Yeah I can." I guess the reason I chose this track as this week's "Royal Cortez's song of the week" Is very simple Its the beginning of the summer and we need provocative music on the airwaves. This collab between Speakerbox X & Wearebugginout Is basically what you get when Pryme work together. This gem paints a picture of a hot blond In the bath crying thinking "I wish I had a Royal Cortez In my life." But In all seriousness this song Is truly amazing and That Is the reason why It was my song of the week. Everytime Speakerbox X airs they always have a great playlist, so I wanted to choose a track which I believed would catch people's attention. If you did not tune In yesterday you are In luck because the Royal one V Riv & D Rezz have this segment every Sunday at 2pm so make sure you listen next time! S/o to Speakerbox make sure you check out their show every Sunday at 1pm on 99.1.