Jaca Zulu drops Underneath (Feat. Kiana Hamilton) Prod. Fase

The gifted Jaca Zulu returns with a track named Underneath which was brilliantly produced by Fase. His new release has the addition of comforting vocals from Kiana Hamilton. He showcases a smooth combo of rapping and singing which helps him create a fantastic vibe. Something that many people overlook Is how serious a situation truly Is. With this new song he shows that they only see the surface of It but not what Is Underneath and that Is exactly what Jaca Zulu Is trying to get across to you. -Royal Cortez




All 3 of these Individuals shined Fase, Kiana Hamilton, and Jaca Zulu are a deadly trio. They created a great song which Is truly beyond smooth. The chorus Is truly curing It helps ease your heart and mind. Jaca Zulu has a great combo like a Mortal Kombat character. His new release Is a amazing song which will surley make you Into a fan. He talks about wanting a lover to set them free with their vibe. The sample was a great addition "You can't give what you never had" I believe the sample works perfectIy with the concept how can you give love when you never had It? Underneath Is Jaca telling his lover to look deeper on why Its hard for him to give love. The reason some songs are special Is because they are able to show the pain or emotions of the artist. His new song lets him shine by showcasing his best qualities. It also lets him continue to show that he Is a great musician. Fase created a smooth slow beat which lets Jaca Zulu rap peacefully. Kiana Hamilton shined by assisting him with the chorus. It was one of the most memorable displays I have came across as of late. With every new track he releases he shows exactly why you should never count him out. Once you hear Underneath you will become hypnotized by the smooth production, relaxing vocals, and great verses.