Everybody Hates Hopes Review

Hopes Uno dropped Everybody Hates Hopes In April I never got to review so better late then never right? The On My Own ENT member dropped a project which Is filled of laid back raps for heads who could relate to the stuff he Is rapping about. On his latest release he shines with relaxed bars and production that Is very reminiscent of what you would hear during the 90s In Cali. If you have not heard this project I will try to convince you to check It out by sharing my thoughts with you! -Royal Cortez

Everybody Hates Hopes kicks off with my favorite song of the whole project titled Eyes Low. This track Is for all the pot heads who get high till their eyes are lower than strippers on poles. Eyes Low kicked It off strong the beat which Is very similar to something you would hear on 2001 caught my attention right away. Uno's latest release continues with the Dane Dru assisted All Weekend. The 2nd track has a very simple concept which revolves around smoking and drinking while chilling with broads during the weekend! I haven't been a fan of this type of style for a minute but Hopes Uno delivered a great project which actually made me miss bumping this type of music. Both Dane Dru and Uno shine with great verses which help make All Weekend a stand out. A song I really enjoyed was the 3rd track on Everybody Hates Hopes which Is titled It's Just Us. It has a feature from Mayo Giovanni who shines In his own right with a catchy verse. The hook for this song Is catchy which shows a feeling that many feel cats feel. Who ever produced this track killed It! It Is simple but wavy so we will call It savy. This Morning Is another stand out from Hopes Uno who shined with hard hitting lyrics which Included many great punchlines for example his Pac man line. If you are living the life he Is you will appreciate the music he Is making. Many cats will try to please different audiences but the reason this dude shined Is because he knew who bumps his content so he made music that they would enjoy! If you are a fan of the music he Is creating you will be a huge fan of Like Me which boasts production from one of my favorite producers In the city. Cisco HM shined on a beat which fits Hopes Uno perfectly. A producer knows what type of beats to give to a certain artist so I'm pretty sure when Uno hit him up he already knew what type of production would be good for him. Its nice to see Cisco work with other cats and I'm glad he worked with Hopes on this song! When you bump this tape you can see On My Own ENT members all over! Which Is dope because some cats get features from other cats but forget their team so Its cool that he Included his team on his new project. Dane Dru Is on 5 tracks which he shined In so its cool to see him be Included on this tape. If you have not heard Everybody Hates Hopes do yourself a favor and check It out for yourself! You can hear It over at the On My Own ENT Bandcamp.

Favorite Song? Safe To Say

My favorite song off Everybody Hates Hopes has to be Safe To Say which Is a catchy tune. Safe To Say stood out to me the most because It makes me proud when he reps the city on this song. Safe To Say Is basically what happens when a cat has It all and loses It all. The Dane Dru assisted track Is my favorite reason being the beat and the vibe made It more enjoyable than the rest of the tracks off of this project. 

Rating? 4 Crowns

Everybody Hates Hopes earned a 4 crowns rating from me because Uno Is aware of who bumps his music and he delivered a project for them to enjoy! He broke a stereotype with this project he showed that cats who make this type of music are actually nice with the pen. He shined In my eyes reason being he had a grip of dope punchlines that made me appreciate his pen work more. He had great production, dope features, and a cool project overall. Hopes Uno proved that street rap can still be very effective and enjoyable which Is exactly why he earned this rating. Not everybody will bump this project but the ones who rock with this type of music will and thats what truly matters. Everybody Hates Hopes Is for the ones who could relate to his content they will not show hate but love which will bring a change. Once you hear this tape you will say "Everybody Loves Hopes" to appreciate his newest release.