SidMFKid releases Man Down (Prod.Kin)

Sidmfkid Is a very very very dope rapper from Denver Colorado but he Is originally from Indianapolis Indiana. He dropped Man Down produced by KIN earlier this week which luckily I came across on Soundcloud. The reason this track stood out to me Is the energy he displays Is contagious It Is a catchy anthem which will get you hopping. He displays a wavy flow over a great beat which will turn you Into a fan of this talented artist. With his latest release the Denver native shines and shows the listener exactly why they should be bumping his music!  -Royal Cortez 

Man Down Is one of the most entertaining tracks I have came across In the last few weeks. I stumbled upon a great song with out trying and that Is exactly why I love Soundcloud. It was later In the day when all I heard ringing In my ears was "Man Down!" If you are a fan of tracks which will get you hype you will be a huge fan of this track. It Is pretty cool how he delivers every line he has a very special vibe about him which will help him build himself Into one of the most looked out for artists. This was the first song I heard from Sidmfkid but It got me excited to hear more of his music. I see this gem as my Introduction to this dope musician who deserves more love and appreciation for his art. So what better way to show him his music Is loved and appreciated then by writing a article on him! Many of my peers will know I'm not really a fan of certain types of rap but when It Is executed correctly the musician shines. On his latest release he blesses us with a great vibe with the addition of a really dope hook which will have you repeating It with him. Man Down Is a chill song with Infectious vibes that will make you appreciate Sid for creating a amazing song. This Is one of the most refreshing songs that I have came across because the way he mixes his rapping and singing Is truly outstanding to witness. He has many quotable lines on here which are simple but they contribute to creating a really awesome energy. Once you listen to this song you will become a fan of him right away. The first verse tells a story which Is something that many kids from the slums can relate to. It paints a visual of a kid taking a uber to reup and shooting a man down for playing with his money. That stood out to me reason being It happens all across the country so many kids take up slanging to make money but when they try to change they don't know how to. I love how this song actually has meaningful lyrics but also gives your body goosebumps. Something we get In a daze for a few days then we fade and this song shows exactly that! After you hear his newest track you will keep your eyes out for Sidmfkid as he continues to grow and show exactly why we should be taking notice! I see him having a great year If he keeps dropping dope content which I'm sure he will.