Years Later Review

Gldn Artist Group's Jae Tilt dropped Years Later last Friday and he celebrated by having a release party at Club Congress which had a great line up. With his latest release Jae Tilt grows as a artist and shows why Gldn Artist Group has one of the best rosters right now. His camp has had a great year so far Years Later Is a huge reason why. If you have been listening to Jae Tilt you would know he has been releasing great music for a good minute. Before he dropped his latest offering he already had a great project with Product Of 93 and now he has another amazing tape with the addition of Years Later. -Royal Cortez

I been following Jae Tilt for a while now I'm a young head so I barely started following the Tucson music scene like the bible for a year now. Fun fact the first local show I went to was the release show for Cash Lanky's S.E.E. album which coincidentally he performed at. His latest offering Is a huge example of why he Is part of one of the best teams out right now not just In Tucson but everywhere! I saw Jae Tilt as a huge free agent he was basically like LeBron James when he finished his first contract with the Cavs. He Is a artist any camp would want to have a hold of. Him joining Gldn Artist Group solidified what I already knew that this cat Is truly special. His camp Is stacked with Marley B Cash Lanksy and now with Jae they are basically like the expendables of rap. When I saw him perform,he Instantly hypnotized me because I am a huge fan of that New York sound. At that point he was the first dude In Tucson who I came across who had that sound so I was truly like "That was outstanding" Following that show I checked out Product Of 93 which solidified Jae Tilt In my eyes as a artist I genuinely like. When he announced Years Later I was thinking about he was going to top off Product Of 93 but when I heard It he did exactly that! When you hear both projects the growth In the young lyricist sticks out like Christmas decorations. I see Years Later as exactly that I see It as Interpretation of him talking about everything that happened to him and how It led him to become who he Is years later. His latest release kicks off strong with No Lights It has dark relaxing production which blends perfectly with his mellow flow. When you hear his music what sticks out me the most Is this dude Is a common man and he tells stories In his content that everybody can relate too. He speaks for everyone who grew up with no lights surrounded by low lifes! Something I love about hip hop Is how many artists tell stories that we can relate to. Many people grow up In households where their family struggle to makes ends meet which may lead to having no electricity which means no lights. I love this song because his lyrics carry a lot of truth to them like when he talks about renting being due the first but not paying It till the 9th that Is something so many listeners can relate to! This cat  Is someone you can relate to so It makes his music really enjoyable. With the release of Years Later he raised the bar and many artists In the city will have to step their games up If they truly want to top Years Later. This 14 track project Is a example of what Is possible when a artist talks about their life It creates a very special energy which lets the listener connect to It. He continues his latest project with Lifelessness which Is a song filled with small lines of truth which carry a huge truth. One line that made this song so fun for me was the hoop dreams fade away line It was simple but It stood to me right away. The beat Is mellow and It Is Jae Tilt's soul animal scratch that beat animal Its amazing. You can see many artists Influences through their music you see glimpses of their Influences right away. The hook for this track reminded me of a song off 1999 titled Hardknock which has a very similar hook "One day I'm tryna have a wife and kids, So I just can't live my life like this" He talks about things that many hold back talking about. A song I really liked was 1994 It tells a story about when his father left In that year. I see 1994 as a visual of what happened to his life when he left and how It helped him become who he Is today. The hook talks about It and how his mother drank while they were asleep. 1994 Is a example of what happens when a child's father leaves but It Is truth of how It gives us strength and teaches us many lessons. I enjoyed the flow he used on this gem It Is different from his usual smooth spit. Heat of the night Is a track that talks about police brutality which Is very different from the songs you hear about the same topic. Heat of the night Is a song which has more of a soulful vibe It truly makes you sad which Is a very powerful effect. If this track does not make you teary I know for damn sure you are lying! Rosa Negra Is another track that stood out to me the production gives you a gloomy vibe. Rosa Negra translates to Black Rose In English. A black rose symbolizes death but also a rebirth. I see this track as the old Jae Tilt dying and him going through a rebirth which will help him reach his full potential. Evelyn Is a very refreshing track It has a beautiful beat and accompanied with his smooth lyrics It feels like the rap equivalent of a novela. He Is being honest with himself he Is talking about a love that was lost. It Is natural for us to think about past loves Its crazy we think about how we used to have so much love for someone but It all turns to hatred. We need to be real they always blame guys for heartbreaks but we never point the finger at the girl they cheat too they lie too they play games too. It Is refreshing hearing this song and I appreciate Jae Tilt putting everything I been thinking these last few months Into a song I can listen to. Man this Is a great project If you have not checked It out get to It! Years later Is proof of his growth and It Is a very exciting time to be a fan of the gifted lyricist who just dropped a project of the year candidate hands down. You can check out Years Later on basically everythingggggg go stream It on Spotify and Tidal. You can cop It digitally at Itunes and physically from him. 

Favorite Song? Problems

 My favorite song off Years Later has to be Problems hands down. It Is a song I connected heavy too because we all have problems! He has many notable lines that stood out to me right away. When he spoke on friends turning Into enemies that made me think about how my own peers who I was close to have shown shady attributes that has made me cut off loose ends. More money equals more problems and he shows exactly that on this track. This track stood out to me heavy because It sounded like a song that could have been on Product of 93. He gives faith to the ones who just want to be themselves. Music that comforts you to be yourself Is very Important and that Is exactly why this track became my favorite off of Years Later. 

Rating?5 Crowns 

Years Later has earned a 5 Crowns rating from me because he topped his previous project which Is something that Is very hard to accomplish. The main thing you want to see In a artist you follow Is growth and Jae Tilt showed tons of It! His latest release Is proof that music with a message can still be heard In today's landscape. He Is someone who I rock with him because he creates art for all the ones who grew up In similar situations.  I love how he paints painful events through his music he Is the voice of all the ones who have experienced the same thing. He is someone who Is humble he Is down to earth which shows In his music. Which makes It more enjoyable to hear. The reason why I rated Years Later so high Is because I'm 18 right now and I can see myself putting It on blast at 28. His music truly has a timeless vibe to It which Is something that a lot of artist lack. He showcases a great ear for beats, awesome content, and a amazing message which all helped his latest release gain a 5 Crowns rating.