Therapy Review

A artist I been following for the last few years Is Ruben Pastor reason being we are the same age so I like to hear what heads my age are dropping. Hes one of the first few local spitters I first came across because he dropped a album a few years back titled Black Roses which caught my attention. Many young heads know who he Is but the older demographic are not really aware of this young talented cat so I see It as my priority to help him get out there. With Therapy he shines by creating some bangers which will make you be like "God Danm that was dope!" Therapy Is his most recent release which helps him show the listener that he Is a artist they should be taking notice of. -Royal Cortez

Ruben Pastor dropped the 4 track ep titled Therapy last Friday to celebrate him graduating from high school. Therapy Is a great name for a music project because art Is truly therapeutic and It helps many people. I believe music Is a cure for the soul reason being It helps us get through the day. This dude Is a cat I truly rock with hes young humble and gifted which are some of my favorite qualities. This ep shows his growth as a artist and musician which Is very Interesting to witness as a fan since I been following him for a while. Something you can expect from this cat Is music that Is catchy and content that will hype you up. One of my favorite attributes that he posses Is a great ear for beats. Lets be real no one wants to hear a dope rapper on weak production so I appreciate how Pastor always chooses some great beats. 2 Producers have beats on this tape Homage and Vybe. They contribute to make this project very fun to listen to. Therapy kicks off stronger than a athlete on steroids because of Up Late. Artists spend a huge amount of time working on their craft even late at night. This song Is a anthem for all the cats who spend so much time working on their craft so they can Improve and reach their goals. A track that stood out to me right away Is From The Desert Its a banger which has a great balance of good lyrics and a energy which will give you the thrill of your life. We need music we can vibe to and From The Desert Is that song. With every new project Ruben Pastor drops the growth shows right away which Is crazy! Hispanic rappers are underrated big time but artists like this dude are helping show that Hispanic lyricists can create cold songs. Homage shined big time on this project he produced the majority of this tape with 3 tracks. Homage and Ruben Pastor a deadly duo they are the rap equivalent to Deadpool and Cable! I can see these cats linking up on more tracks In the future which should make you excited as a fan of music. This Is a short project but very enjoyable If you have not heard of the young rapper named Ruben Pastor I suggest you become familiar with a young head who will continue to build name for himself. Therapy Is the first step In getting him known with not just young heads but with everyone so people In the city can truly get behind him by bigger numbers. You can check this ep out on his Soundcloud which also has a handful of other great tracks which will help get you excited to hear more music from him.

Favorite Song? Blessed Up

My favorite track off Therapy has to be Blessed Up hands down.  Blessed Up Is produced by Vybe who truly shined with a gritty beat which goes perfectly with Ruben Pastor's hard hitting bars. Ruben Pastor has been making music for years so Blessed Up Is a track that helps show his growth. Blessed Up Is a track that any one that Is grateful for what they have can appreciate. Blessed Up Is a gem which will help you appreciate what you have like friends,family, and my favorite thing about life music. It Is very hard for me to choose a favorite song usually but this song stood out to me like a white girl In a room full of Mexican girls. He showcases a wavy flow with some really cool lines which will make you say "This young dude can spit." 

Rating? 4 Crowns

Therapy has earned a 4 crowns rating because he shines with clean flows,good lyrics,catchy hooks and just awesome content overall. He showcases huge confidence through out every track which Is very fun to see play out. He Is someone that truly gets me excited to hear new content from and with his latest EP he mos def delivers on every cylinder. This 4 track ep has nothing but bangers from start to end which help make this project beyond solid. This EP will get you talking which Is every musician's main goal. Once you hear Therapy you will want to hear more music from Ruben Pastor. Therapy Is like the bottom floor of a elevator Its the begining of a elevation which will occur soon enough.