Black One drops Be Free (Produced.Swa)

Black One dropped Be Free yesterday on his birthday so what better way to help him celebrate than to help his newest song bug out! Be Free Is a single off his upcoming album Breaking Infinity which will be his final project. I am excited to hear the last chapter of the Black One Multiverse and so should you. Black One Is literally a living superhero on his latest release which Is a example of what Is possible when you are true to yourself. This southwest musician falls Into a very special zone which elevates his content beyond any Imaginable level. -Royal Cortez

Be Free Is a track which will bring peace to your mind. The smooth production added with Black One's therapeutic lyrics help him paint a very vivid Image which will make you think you are watching a movie. This gem Is truly cinematic you could picture every lyric playing out In your mind which Is truly a amazing feat that not many artists can accomplish. Art heals the soul and Be Free Is really a cure for your pain. The reason this song stood out to me right away Is because the hook of this song Is very chill and It has truth In the lining. As a huge comic book fan I love when I hear comic related lines In hip hop so the Bruce Wayne line stood out right away. I believe Its pretty cool how he Is able to create a awesome vibe while also having many notable lines which will Impress you. Something I enjoy In artists Is when they are able to fit In real life situations In their music so when he adds lines talking about the ones who support and the ones who want to see him fall Its dope. He Is not just a great rapper he also does other things, so when he adds lyrics about reading through scripts It shows you he Is multi-talented and It helps you get to know him better. Be Free truly builds anticipation for his upcoming album Breaking Infinity which will be the finale of his Black One Multiverse. I think that Is dope If you are a fan of comics so be It Marvel Or DC you will know what the multiverse Is. Every album he has released so far Is like a different planet you can see It like that DC storyline when all the planets became one every project has been leading up to this point. With Be Free both Swa & Black One shine they show that they are the rap equivalent of Wolverine and Professor X. He has a very great transition from a relaxing hook to verses which showcase his pen. His latest single shows you what Is possible when a artist creates music for their soul and not the paper. If you have not checked out Be Free I suggest you get acquainted with the one and only Black One.