EZ Goin drops Feel This

The city's very own EZ Goin dropped a new track titled Feel This to keep us content while he gears up to release his Black Heart project. Feel This continues to show case EZ Goin's best qualities which all contribute to make him a artist to look out for. When you think of EZ Goin's music the words that describe It best are dope smooth and quality. With every new song that Is dropped he continues to build a sound of his own which gives him a big advantage content wise. When you hear his music you know exactly who Is rapping because no one else sounds like him which Is great! If you have not heard this song yet you are missing you out and you should check It out this very Instant! -Royal Cortez

Feel This continues the hot streak that EZ has had goin for the last few months. When my regular friends ask me for suggestions on local artists they should check I always recommend this artist and this song Is a perfect example of why. Something I enjoy about his music Is that It Is truly a reflection of himself which gives It a sense of authenticity. When you listen to music you can tell right away when a artist Is lying. But with EZ Goin his honesty lets you get to know him as a person and It ultimately elevates his content. A huge reason why he has made a fan of me Is because his music doesn't have any type of gimmick so It makes his music fun to listen to. When he dropped this track I checked It out right away and He did not disappoint. Just like how you can expect ignorance from Donald Trump you can expect amazing vibes from the Tucson native. With every new release he shines with his smooth lyrics and relaxing flow which will bring peace to even chaotic minds. Feel This Is truly a song that will relax you and help you feel the vibe he created with this track. He Is a artist you should be keeping an eye out for many reasons some which are great content which will ease you of your frustrations. Feel This Is yoga for the mind It helps you loosen up and It stretches your emotions. It Is a short track which can be replayed 5-6 times with out hesitation. I see this gem as a song a parent would sing to their kid so they can sleep peacefully because It Is comforting. He paints pictures that are very detailed they are truly like a movie playing out In your mind. His music has a very bright vibe which will bring light to you when you are surrounded by darkness. Feel This Is truly therapeutic reason being It will help cure your pain and help ease your soul. If you are looking for a artist who can help you get through the day EZ Goin Is that musician. If you have not heard his most recent release get on top of It right now.