Anti Album Review

Richmond Virginia MC Black liquid dropped a album yesterday titled Anti which continues to show why he Is a rapper who should be under your radar. Anti Is a 9 track album which Is one of the most solid projects I have heard so far In the year. He Is not only a lyricist but also a teacher,promoter,radio host, and a member of The New Juice Crew. I been following his music for the last few months so when he told me he was dropping a new album I was beyond excited to hear It! Once you hear his latest project you will realize why he Is someone you should be listening to or you will be truly missing out. With this new piece I will review his newest offering and try my best to make sure you become Interested In listening to Anti.  -Royal Cortez

Anti Is basically a album which showcases Black Liquid go against everything and I mean everything! On this 9 track offering he uses hard hitting bars to make his flow go smoothly against the production which Is beyond stellar. When you hear Anti Its a crazy listening experience which will surely get a few "What Is that smell" faces out of you which Is a good reaction by the way. On Anti he Is a rebellious lyricist who Is going against everything Imaginable.  It kicks off with Fuck which Is a track with a darker vibe that makes you connect to It because we all been at that point where we don't care any more. The hook for Fuck Is one of the cleanest I have listened to as of late. Music that the listener can relate to Is very Important reason being It helps them get through the day. Lately I have been In a more dark zone so when I listened to Anti I connected to It because of the dark production which It exhibits. Black Liquid continues his latest album with a track that shares Its name. Anti Is a song that will get your blood pumping as he raps viciously over a beat which bangs more than speaker. Have you ever thought about what a MC would sound over modern production? Anti Is a example of what Is possible when a talented lyricist tackles the challenge like a football player. A song I believe will stick out to you right away Is Savior because he Is talking about his experiences which have helped him become the individual he Is today. On Savior he paints a vivid picture of how everyone wants to be saved but don't want to save themselves. The hook describes the reality of things very good everyone wants a savior who can help them do favors. That Is a blessing reason being It shows your peers you are a reliable person but others will try to take advantage of you. I believe everyone can relate to that so It Is a huge reason why Savior Is a song that Is a stand out on this album. The next track Is Outta Hand which Is a song that has a very mellow beat coated with great lyrics which makes this gem stand out like a Mexican guy In Starbucks. Something that I love about Outta Hand Is the hook because that Is exactly how I been feeling I never am truly satisfied. The thing about being ambitious Is that since you are always setting up goals for yourself,you will never truly be content with where you are because there Is more to accomplish. The next track Is titled Pride which talks about exactly that. I enjoyed this song a lot because Black Liquid show his vulnerability which shows he Is just a human who has had hit situations hurt his pride. Through out this album he paints many lucid pictures which help you visualize events that have occurred during his life. If you are not familiar with Black Liquid check out his latest album titled Anti which he released yesterday. You can cop It on Itunes,Google Play, and Amazon Music. You can stream It on Spotify and Tidal so go do that right away! 

Favorite Song? Madness.

One track that stood out to me right away Is Madness because I never heard a beat like it before. The thing about life Is that many days we will feel Insane sometimes and that Is perfectly fine. Something I really liked about this song Is It shows what Anti truly Is. He goes against everything that others wont which Is a breath of fresh air. He makes a few statements which stood out to me. He talks about certain situations which makes him realize that he goes against what others do. On Madness he said that while his friends are having kids he Is still creating art. Madness Is a perfect example of Its okay to go on your own journey that others won't understand. I Interpret Madness as the song which will help comfort others who are criticized for nothing the same thing as others. 

Rating? 4.5 Crowns

The rating that Anti earned Is a 4.5 Reason being It was one of the most fun listening experiences In the last few weeks. Anti earned such a high rating because the production Is stellar I haven't heard beats like this before so It stood out to my young ears right away. I believe many artists choose quantity over quality which Is sadly hurting the content. Anti Is a great example of a project being short but shining because of It. Now a days listeners do not consume music like how they did before, so of course they can't listen to a 16-18 track project unless they are die hard fans. Black Liquid shined on Anti for many huge causes because he Is just being himself and telling his perspective which Is very refreshing In a environment which Is full of gimmicks. He continues to show why he should not be underestimated and I truly believe Anti Is a perfect example of a great project.