Speakerbox Mondays:Royal Cortez's song of the week

The track I chose for my song of the week Is Guddrumz_6 by the talented Mike Chekc$. Something I tend to do Is when I peep a flyer Is check out the artists who are on It to see If they have content I enjoy. A while back I saw his name on a flyer so I checked him out and he made a fan out of the royal one. This past Sunday had a very moody vibe to It so I wanted to choose a song with a very fun energy attached to It. If you did not tune Into Speakerbox yesterday on 99.1 to hear my song of the week you are In luck! Read up become acquainted with a very gifted lyricist who will make you Into a fan and hear the song I chose as my song of the week!  -Royal Cortez

Lately I have been Into music with a more dark vibe reason being I been frustrated and simply annoyed with life In general. I been In need of good energy so when I came across Guddrumz_6 earlier this week I knew I was listening to something very special right away. I am a fan of vibes I like to listen to songs which reflect what I am currently going through , so I been bumping a lot of dark content these last few weeks. When I listen to music I know when a artist sticks out to me right away and Mike Chekc$ Is a cat who Instantly made me a fan. He Is not just a dope rapper but he Is also a very gifted producer who has produced great songs like Raindrops by Jae Tilt. He also released a very dope video for this song so check It out as well. Guddrumz_6 Is relaxing Its like the rap equivalent of listening to ocean waves and whale noises. This gem Is very laid back Its fun chill and smooth which Is a very deadly trio. He Is a diamond In the rough when It comes to artistry the way he spits Is so smooth like butter which makes him stick out. The reason why I decided to choose Guddrumz_6 as my song of the week Is because It put me In special zone. It will ease your mind and now a days we all need that reason being stress,frustration, and other problems. This track Is perfect for the airwaves Its a dope offering which Instantly sticks out from the rest of the songs you hear on the radio today. When you listen to Speakerbox every Sunday you hear many tracks similar to this one. So earlier this week I started thinking to myself "Which Is a song that I can hear V Riv and D Rezz playing?" So when I came across this track I thought "This Is It!" The thing about me Is If I wouldn't recommend you to check out a song I probably won't write or have It played on Speakerbox because I feel like I would be lying to the listeners and myself. I listened to this song for a good 30 minutes every time It was about to end I would rewind It back to the start so I can enjoy It for 1 more time! It has a Infinite amount of replay value so when I was listening to It I got a feeling that had me saying Its "not long enough!" Many of my friends hate this about me but when I really like a song Ill replay It a good 5-6 times so I can appreciate It to the fullest. I chose this song for 3 reasons the first being the vibe brought peace to my mind when It has been chaotic. The 2nd reason I chose this track Is because I wanted to choose something I could picture being played on Speakerbox! But the 3rd reason I chose Guddrumz_6 Is I can see Mike Chekc$ doing a lot of dope things In the future and this song Is proof of that theory. Tune Into Speakerbox this Sunday on 99.1 at 1 pm to hear the hosts talk about some cool stuff and hear great content! If you did not hear my song of the week yesterday you can tune In this upcoming Sunday to hear this weeks edition of "Royal Cortez's song of the week"