Well Krafted drop a video for Blame

I came across this video when the homie Saint from the AZMP crew recommended this team so I could check them out and I was not disappointed. This video Is wavy man It has a fresh approach which blends perfectly with the vibe. Blame Is a In your face banger which will make you a fan of this dope team right away. This song was released on their soundcloud earlier In the year and they dropped a video for It last Friday. They are gearing up to release a ep titled L.L.U.G. which stands for Live.Life.Under.God. and that name Is really dope. Blame Is the single off that EP so make sure you keep your eyes out for this team of talented artists which consists of Juice,Pete,Hectic, & Kraft. -Royal Cortez

This video shares their name because It was Well Krafted. I interpreted this video as a "This Is our name and this Is what we are here to do" type vibe. When I first pressed the play button the sample caught my attention reason being I am a huge fan of samples In hip hop music. When I first heard this sample I was thinking "Wavy Its going to be a love song" but once the actual beat kicked In I was caught off guard because they went at this beats neck and truly shined. Something that made me enjoy this track so much was the use of awesome punchlines when I heard the dre day line. It made me think about the first time I listened to The Chronic. Who ever directed this video did a amazing job which will makes this video even more fun to listen to. The beat for this track Is fire man It bangs It gives you a darker vibe which matches perfectly with this team's members vibes and flows. This Is probably one of the best videos I have seen In a minute because of the execution Its smooth and awesome. The way they made the objects In the video look was truly epic and very eye appealing. Every member of Well Krafted truly shine on this track. Blame Is proof that these dudes can make bangers while showcasing their pen work. As a fan of comics hearing that Mr Fantastic line had me marking out. This was my first time hearing this team's music and I was honestly Impressed. Once you watch this video I have a feeling you will be Impressed as well. This video got me excited to hear more of their music and I am hyped to hear L.L.U.G. I have a good feeling this gem will get that same reaction from you. If you have not checked out this video I recommend you get on top of your game!