Elias drops Tender Love (feat.Doni) (Produced.BV Beats)

The vocal killer named Elias recruits Adobe House and Soloist member Doni to jump on a beautiful track which Is produced by a talented producer who goes by the name of BV Beats. This track Is proof that with every new song that he drops he continues to grow as a singer at a extremely quick pace! A while ago he was making music off a cell phone a god danm cell phone Elias Is the perfect example of what hard work and Persistence can do. He Is a star on the rise and Tender Love proves this. As months pass his catalog and popularity will Increase through great music and hard work! -Royal Cortez 

Elias and BV Beats are gearing up to release a album In the summer which will establish both of these dudes as a force In a city full of talented artists. This cat always Impresses me with his awesome music which Is a mix of catchy,passionate, and mind blowing vocals. I truly believe Elias has the potential to become the biggest rnb singer In the city,I can see him being Tucson's most looked out singer. Elias is a perfect example of how being yourself and working hard can make your music even more enjoyable to hear! BV beats continues to make me a fan with every new beat I hear man this dude Is a beast at creating a awesome sound. I am beyond excited to hear the collaborative album between Elias and BV Beats because I am sure they will not disappoint. Its really dope to see that these dudes are continuing to work together to bring us some awesome music which has amazing vibes attached to them! Doni and Elias linked up to create another dope collab which will surely be put on repeat for a good second. Every time these 2 dudes link up you can expect to hear some awesome music. These dudes continue to grow the number of songs they have done together and that Is dope. Elias and Doni never disappoint when they link up to drop music together. Doni had a really dope verse he even said every mexican's favorite word which Is "Mamacita" Look it up on google If you want to know what It means. Doni Is a very diverse MC having him on your song will boost It In every way imaginable. This gem shows that Doni can do more than just rap his ass off which Is a huge bonus as It shows a different side to him as a artist. Songs like this one are very popular because its always cool to see a rapper and singer link up to create great music. Tender Love shows what makes Elias such a dope singer and that Is a amazing voice with great lyrics. This song showcases how he Is able to do different styles and still shine. Elias continues to drop some great music with great rappers. Overall this track is amazing great vocals, awesome production, and a great verse from Doni. These 3 heads working together are a deadly trio they are a big 3 like LeBron James,Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. This track will make you excited to hear new music from every person Involved with this track which will sure Impress you all the way around. If you are not familiar with these dudes I suggest you get familiar and go check this track out.