Frank Castle drops Ninja Starz (Neji's Theme)

The dope lyricist who goes by Frank Castle dropped a music video to Ninja Starz (Neji's Theme) which has a throwback vibe for the modern day. For the ones who are not aware Frank Castle Is the name of one of the most brutal comic book characters as a fan of comic books and music Its dope to see a artist go by that name. Frank Castle truly punishes the beat with Ninja Stars and lyrical bullets which pierce wack mcs hearts. He showcases his strong pen which becomes a sword on his latest offering. New York constantly breeds great talent raps Punisher Is another example of what you can expect from the talented bred In hip hops birthplace. Something that also separates Frank Is that he Is of Hispanic decent he Is Puerto Rican which Is awesome. I believe It Is awesome reason being he Is one of many great Hispanic rappers out today who are proving that Hispanics could really spit. -Royal Cortez

On his latest offering Frank Castle truly punishes the beat he kills It with a huge amount of accuracy. Every line Is like a bullet coming at your neck like Dracula which Is more Insane than the Joker. Frank Castle In the comics punishes the bad guys who have done wrong he Is basically a anti hero. The comic book character and this rapper are very similar because of their reason to do what they do. He Is going at the necks of the ones who are ruining the music that he loves. This video makes me admire this attack that has him throwing lines as sharp ninja starz at the ones who have him Irritated. Something I enjoyed a lot about this video Is that he holds nothing back he unleashes the monster In him like If his name was Bruce Banner. He Is truly on a mission to make you recognize that he Is a rapper you should be taking notice of. This gem Is off his B.U.T.T.E.R. tape which has features from the almighty Kool G Rap and Slaughterhouse MC Joell Ortiz. I actually checked out B.U.T.T.E.R. to prepare to write on these visuals which will for sure make a fan out of every hip hop head. Don't just check out Ninja Starz (Neji's Theme) check out B.U.T.T.E.R. as well this video will make a lasting Impressing on you, but once you check out that project he will become one of your favorite artists. These visuals truly have a Shook Ones vibe Its gritty It has that street vibe which you can only find In a New York rapper. He has some of the strongest punchlines I have heard recently he spits hard hitting bars that will hit you harder than a car crash. He truly lets everything out If you know someone who Is a fan of this type of music show them this video and I guarantee they will say "Yooooo this cat Is dope!" I enjoy how he crafts his lines they all play a purpose he dissects the beat and executes It perfectly.  Frank Castle Is a perfect example of New York still breeding artists who have that New York sound which Is awesome! If you have not checked out this video get on it and get acquainted with one of the best lyricists out today!