Max Wonders drops 365

Max Wonders dropped a very dope track earlier this year titled 365 which will surely make a fan out of you. He Is a very talented artist from Chicago which continues to breed some amazing talent. He Is the latest rapper from Chicago to come out with great content he continues to prove that he Is a very gifted musician with every new release. I came across his music a few months back when I stumbled upon a project he released titled Hues To Blame. He truly has a style of his own. With every new track he releases he truly shows that Chicago Is In good hands as he Is one of many dope young artists leading the way. -Royal Cortez 

The first song that I came across from this very gifted Chicago artist was Grow Up which Is a track off Hues To Blame. What stood out to me right away Is his style Its beyond wavy he Is a rare artist and he showcases his best qualities on 365. His latest release will surely make a lasting Impression on you. When you hear this song the beat brings peace to your soul but once Max attacks he makes you wonder what else he has under his sleeves. But the thing about Max Wonders the only you thing you can expect Is great content. He Is a unpredictable cat which gives his music a really cool advantage over other cats. A few months ago I would not believe there could be a track of his that could unthrone Grow Up as my favorite track until 365 was released. I really believe that he will continue to Impress listeners with every new release reason being he has that vibe which makes you expect greatness from him. The most amazing thing about him In my opinion Is how he Is able to create such dope content at such a young age. If you are a first time listener you would be very impressed but once you do your research on him you will realize It makes perfect sense since he Is a young vet. On 365 he shines as expected with a wavy flow which will make you be like "Oh god oh god he did It!" In your JR voice. His lyrics match perfectly with the mellow beat which gives It a very special vibe. His lyrics are very dope they are very vivid he talks about many things which are really relatable. If you are looking for a artist who will exceed expectations I believe you just came across him with this musician from Chicago. 365 Is a perfect example of what you can expect and that Is awesome music which will make you into a fan.