#AZMPWeek Jay Mephist Ride Along (feat.OTM)

This track was just released on the AZMP Soundcloud page so what better way to continue #AZMPWeek then to drop a piece on the latest release! If you are a fan of the Tucson hip hop scene the name OTM would sound very very familiar to you because he has produced for some of Tucson's stand outs like Marley B. He also produced one of my favorite tracks so far this year which Is Modus Operandi. On this song he shows that he Is not only a talented producer but also a very dope rapper. This gem also shows us that Jay Mephist Is truly living through his music his energy shows on this new banger which will get you pumping like gas pumps! -Royal Cortez

Ride Around Is one of the most fun songs I have heard recently I am really glad that this track was released today. I have been going through a cold streak which means Its been hard for me to get hyped to music but with Ride Around it got me more hype than a hypeman. This song Is catchy the hook Is beyond hypnotizing. If you are a stoner I believe you will appreciate this songs Intro which will surely make every pothead get flashbacks. Ride Around shows us that Jay Mephist and OTM are a very great duo. On this latest offering they are the rap equivalent of the Human Torch and The Thing. They shine on this song with dope lyrics,production,energy, and flows. When you hear Bad Timing then you bump Ride Around It truly shows you how diverse Jay Mephist Is. On Ride Around he has a mean streak which will make the meanest of people turn nice. OTM showcases his rapping abilities on this latest song which Is very fun to see. When you hear OTM you would tend to expect to hear some awesome production but on Ride Around he shows that he Is a man of many talents. The beat to Ride Along bumps It gets you hyped and excited for the night. I think Ride Along Is the perfect track to continue AZMPWEEK which Is currently on Day 3. Jay Mephist's verse on Bad Timing felt like a see you later verse but I see his verse on Ride Along as a symbol to celebrate his life and music by getting hype. What I love about music Is that even when a artist sadly passes away they leave us a part of themselves In their music. This gem was produced by Zz who truly shined on this track. Zz contributed a very dope beat for Jay Mephist and OTM to showcase their best qualities as artists.