Whensday drops Shame

Whensday Is a talented rapper from Iowa who recently dropped a short epic track titled Shame. Something I believe Is very Important Is connecting with other artists outside of Tucson so when I came across this cat and found out he was from Iowa I knew I had to write a piece on him. Iowa Is a part of the midwest coincidentally I have not wrote about a artist from that side of the country so what a better way than to write about Whensday. A little fact I will fill you guys In Is that the dope spitter known as Whensday just turned 19 so what better birthday present than a piece from us over here at wearebugginout! -Royal Cortez

I came across this dude In the related tracks section on soundcloud and I'm glad as hell I did. It takes a lot to Impress me but then I came across a song from this dude. He Instantly made me a fan his flow and lyrics are as smooth as silk which was awesome to hear as a fan of music. Whensday has certain qualities which make his music very enjoyable to hear. When you listen to his music he paints pictures so vividly with his lyrics which gives his content a huge boost. Shame paints a picture of him dealing with things going on In his which makes him see It as a shame. This track Is very similar to a song like Don't style wise which he Is talking about how Its a shame the listener Is ignoring their girlfriend and neglecting that girl. I believe girls will enjoy this song heavy since they are always posting sad quotes on Instagram and talking about how all guys just hurt them. Whensday Is a artist you should be keeping an eye out for because on this track he showcases his diversity which works out In his favor. He Is not only a cat who can create bangers but with Shame he shows that he has a sensitive side which creates a very Interesting situation. He can make music that can get you hyped but with his latest release he shows that he Is capable of hitting you In your emotions. Something that makes this dude stick out from other rappers Is how vidid he paints a picture If he continues to drop content like this he will become a very good story teller. When you hear Shame by Whensday you will Instantly become a fan of this talented artist who Is based out of Iowa.