Soloist drops Sock Essentials (Prod.FanningSystems)

Soloist drop one of the coolest tracks to come out In a second. This song Is a mix of a fresh edge,catchiness and smoothness which all contribute to make this song fun. This Is very different from their other tracks on this release they have more confidence as a unit which gives Sock Essentials a huge boost.  This track reminds me a lot of something you would hear out of a New York team so It Is very Interesting to see Soloist deliver a gem like this. Sock Essentials Is a very Impressive showing which makes It very obvious that Soloist continue to grow as a team. -Royal Cortez

With Sock Essentials Soloist shows that they are the LeBron James,Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love of trios. These cats are underdogs like the Boston Celtics so that Is what makes their music fun to listen to. This sock Is beyond catchy It has a really great hook which Is contagious. When you hear Sock Essential.s you will see that these talented lyricists can deliver on any type of track and shine brighter than the stars In the sky at the night. A member of Soloist who truly shined on this track Is FanningSystems man this dude showed me he can rap for days. What really made me vibe with FanningSystems twice as much Is the production this beat Is beyond awesome. This gem Is full of awesome flows both Dan Louis and FanningSystems show what Is possible when 2 artists are working together In sync the result Is great music that the listener can enjoy. Many heads can relate to this I feel like this track has more of a gritty vibe to It which people who grew up In certain situations will appreciate more. These cats show that with every new offering that they continue to grow at a very Impressive rate which Is exciting to see as a fan of music. Sock Essential.s lets Louis and Systems show exactly why you should not underestimate this very talented team. These dudes showcase who smooth their flows are which Is one of my favorite qualites a artist can have. This gem truly gave me a early Pro Era vibe I am going to predict If they continue to grow at this rate every member of Soloist will become a very loved artist. These dudes are like The Shield of Tucson before Seth Rollins turned heel they are going on a musical rampage killing beat after beat get them behind a cell for first degree murder ladies and gentlemen. This song Is truly a movie you can picture It In your mind If you have been In a similar situations which I'm sure you have If you live on the east or southside of Tucson. But all jokes aside Sock Essential.s Is the song you should be checking out at this very very very Instant.