#AZMPWEEK Sivle drops Bad Timing (Feat.Ace & Jay Mephist)

The artist formerly known as HP dropped a very great gem titled Bad Timing which features his AZMP partner Ace and Jay Mephist. Jay Mephist sadly passed away earlier this week so this write up Is dedicated to his life his art and his contributions to many AZMP members tracks Including this one. My prayers and condolences go out to his family but lets celebrate this artist by listening to his music and the songs he was featured In. This Is a song that will show AZMP Members Sivle and Ace's diversity which Is awesome to see. -Royal Cortez

This article Is dedicated to a talented artist named Jay Mephist who sadly passed away but he will live for ever with the great content he left us. He has 2 projects on his soundcloud so go bump that and celebrate the life of a rapper who sadly passed away to soon. I actually came across his music because of this song which Is one of my favorites from a AZMP member reason being It has a very different vibe. Their music has the ability to get me hype beyond hype levels so that Is a huge reason why I love AZMP's music. But the smoothness of this song Is so beautiful Its truly amazing. The production sets the mood which Is mellow relax and a sprinkle of beauty. I have came to expect awesome music from Sivle and Ace so when this track came out I was caught off guard like a dude running away from a pit. The lyrics flow and delivery hit you harder than a mothers slap which truly says alot. I truly believe the best music Is made when you are creating art with the people who you call your friends. Bad Timing showcases not only their talent but their friendship which Is honestly very refreshing. When you listen to a lot of music you can tell collabs are forced reason being their Is no chemistry. But when you listen to this gem you get buckets of It like the Golden State Warriors home court. Bad Timing Is a breath of fresh air which will show you exactly why you should not underestimate Sivle Ace or any AZMP Member for that fact. If you have not heard about this team you are truly missing out on a great squad which deliver nothing but amazing music. This track Is a huge reason why I love writing about their music, they are so danm diverse they can do every type of style which truly elevates their content. Bad Timing shows their best qualities which are smoothness and dopeness thrown together!