MADE drops I.A.T.H.T. (Feat.Eddie Smokes Loud)

Pack Money members MADE and Eddie Smokes Loud link up to drop a banger titled I.A.T.H.T. When you listen to the song the hook will reveal what the song stands for I Ain't Trying To Hear That which Is a very dope title. This Is one of the catchiest songs I have heard In the last few weeks due to the fact that this song has very dope vibe. If you have not heard of the talented team Pack Money you are missing out with these members most recent release they show why they should be on your radar. -Royal Cortez

MADE's flow on this track Is beyond wavy It Is a very catchy track which will surely catch your attention. They are coming off the release of the Free Pack tape with their most recent offering they are truly on a hot streak. If you have not heard of these dudes you are truly missing out like a girl's lousy ex. This songs slaps more than my hands when I dap up the homies. Who ever produced this track truly shined the beat can only be described as fire. When you think about summer what do you picture? I see white girls In Bikinis partying to songs like this so If you are a white girl bump this track! This track Is for the cats who grind all day and night on their Kid Cudi shit. MADE truly shines on this song he shows you that he can build a name for himself If he continues to drop great content like this. After I heard this song my first thoughts where "I wonder how this shit sounds live" and "Oooooooh danm" add some extra Kendrick Lamar cover art pictures. Its dope to see MADE and Eddie Smokes Loud link up to continue Pack Money's hot streak! This song Is one of the best I have heard In a while reason being It has a good amount of flex and grinding In It which Is a perfect combination like Canelo's punches. MADE & Eddie Smokes Loud caught my attention on the Free Pack tape so when I saw that they dropped a song I knew right away I had to cover them. I.A.T.H.T. Is a perfect example of what happens when a team Is In sync they match each others energy and It makes the song great. When you hear this song you will make plenty of stank faces and feel like a bodybuilder reason being this track will want to make you flex. If you have not heard this tune you are missing out so check It out asap!