#AZMPWEEK Poetic Incline drops Run With It (Prod.OTM)

To kick off #AZMPWeek I decided to write about Poetic Incline's most recent release which Is Run With It produced by the very gifted beat maker who goes by the name of OTM. I was originally planning on dropping this piece this Friday but I thought It was the perfect track to kick this team's week off. I believe this song show cases what every member of this brings which Is dope lyrics and a raw energy which will Instantly make you a fan. Poetic Incline truly shines on a song which will make every rapper say "I wish that song was mine" Run With It Is a very dope track which will make you say "AZMP! AZMP! AZMP!" -Royal Cortez

On Run With It Poetic Incline really does that Its like hes running with the bulls on this track.  This track Is a example of him going straight forward like a spartan which shows his dedication to his craft. If another rapper hears this song he will truly run like Usain Bolt and even speedsters like the Flash. Incline has one of the cleanest flows I have heard In a minute the way he delivers his bars Is like the plug he does It casually which Is a very Impressive feat. The beat on this song Is out of this world like aliens OTM truly shined on this track. If you are looking for a producer In the city OTM should be at the top of your list reason being Its crazy hearing his production. Poetic Incline shines on this track with his bars they are hard hitting like a mexican mom when her kid breaks a cup or plate. The hook Is catchy as hell when I heard It I kept repeating It In my mind. He has some really dope punchlines which will help you see a glimpse of his personality which Is really great. He comes out of no where and shines like a candle In the darkness. The charmander line stood out to me alot as a fan of pokemon. He shows why he Is a artist who you should be keeping an eye out for. He showcases his penwork on this track which shows he is no slouch when it comes to rapping his ass off. Run With It Is truly like a "Oh God he killed it!!!!" type track. You know how Sway reacts when a rapper like King Los kills It on his show? Well this Is Royal Cortez In the Afternoon and Poetic Incline got that reaction out of me. Bar for Bar any rapper who wants to claim he has the best bars will have to compete with Poetic Incline's Run With It.