Speakerbox Mondays: Royal Cortez's Song of the week Mothers Day Edition

Yesterday Mothers Day landed on the very same day that Speakerbox aired so what a better way to celebrate than to unleash the kraken that Is called great music on the airwaves! Yesterday was a very cool edition of Speakerbox not only because It was mothers day but they also had a Black One second Sunday which had a very cool Interview. Something that I would like to showcase Is my diversity with my music taste I can bump all sounds as long as It sticks out to me. Tru Nyce Is a talented artist from Richmond Virginia. He Is going to be a part of the Winners Circle Tour which will be starting soon. SInce It will be kicking off soon I wanted to cover more artists and Tru Nyce was a cat who I thought stood out to me right away. If you want to discover a dope cat I recommend you check this song out and see for yourself why I decided to write on him!  -Royal Cortez

This song features the very nice addition of Ver$ace Chachi, who contributes to this song In the best way by shining and showing exactly what you can expect from these dudes which Is great music. Many would think "Since Its Mothers Day will he choose a song dedicated to mothers as his song of the week?" Well I'm going to fill you In thats a very good assumption but I honestly could not find a modern song like that. When you think about rap songs dedicated to their moms you would think of artists like 2pac,Hov,Kanye, and my favorite rapper Ghostface Killah who all made dope songs dedicated to the women who brought them Into this world. So maybe next year I will choose a song like that but now lets get back on topic. Outsider's Edge caught my attention right away the name of the track sounded so epic I had to check It out. If you are a fan of professional wrestling you will recognize the name Outsiders so It was a very cool title In my opinion. Another thing that made me enjoy this song Is It has a very cool edge to It which makes It very fun to bump. Tru Nyce's flow reminded me heavy of a UGK Ridin Dirty sound which made me a fan right away. This track was produced by JetMuzikBeats and he truly did his thing In creating a beat which matches the energy of Tru Nyce. This song Is a very enjoyable track which will surely be put on repeat If you are a fan of that southern swisherhouse type vibe. If you have not heard about this artist get familiar!