Soloist drop Way.s (feat. [gr.y])

The talented trio known as Soloist go left with their latest offering and In all honesty It elevates their music big time. Their latest offering Is probably my favorite song from them reason being It has a very different vibe from their previous tracks. Like I said In the last piece I did on them Soloist Is basically the Mellohype of Adobe House Records. Many artists are scared to do different things so when Soloist stepped out of their comfort zone to release this new track they earned my respect. With Way.s they show that they are not scared to take risks and that ultimatley ended up with a positive. Earlier this year I had a pretty good feeling that 2017 was going to be a very great year for these Adobe House members. With Way.s they continue to build themselves up as some of the best well rounded artists around. Coming off being In Tucson Weekly's Noise Annoys the world Is truly In their hands. -Royal Cortez

Soloist deliver a new track which showcases their diversity and ability to create awesome vibes. With every new song that they release their growth shows right away like a girl who uses snapchat a lot. Way.s Is a perfect example of why you should keep this triple headed dragon on your list of best trios around. Today In music trios are sadly very rare but this team Is showing what Is obvious that 3 heads are even better than 1. Soloist & DRXL Heights are probably my 2 favorite trios out right now In music not just Tucson hip hop but I'm saying on every level. They recruited their Adobe House teammate (gr.y) on this stellar track. [gr.y] shines big time on this track he shows that he can keep up with his peers. I am a huge Pro Era mark I been following them since Joey first came up and I could not help but get some Seccs tape 2 vibes off this track. Style wise Adobe House can basically be described as Tucson hip hop's Pro Era which Is a comparison that fits very well reason being when you hear their music It Is very similar. This track Is a breath of fresh air the hook Is beyond catchy the verses are smooth and the production Is very stellar. Gotts Street Park handled the production he truly shined I never heard a beat from this dude before but Way.s genuinely got me excited to hear what else he has to offer. Everyone contributed equally to make this track very fun to bump and that deserves bonus points. Soloist Is truly a team they are the hip hop equivalent of the x men they all add their best qualities to truly accomplish the mission. These dudes are masters of delivering great music with their latest track. They not only delivered but they also showed what happens what can happen when you do what you love with your friends. Soloist and [gr.y] are a perfect example of what happens when you are In sync with your team. This song Is very fun and It Is a gem which you should check out.