Orphanage Of Dreams review

Reppa Ton continues to Impress listeners with the great vibes that he always delivers. You can expect quality music from Rep which helps establish himself  as a dope musician you should be keeping tabs on. This offering Is his newest besides Thriii which was released late last year. With Orphanage Of Dreams he showcases his best qualities as a musician which ultimately lets you become familiar with this talented MC who Is originally from Richmond Virginia. He Is currently residing In LA but he has went back home till next month so If you are currently In Richmond go check him out! He Is a part of the Winners Circle Tour which I have been covering on the blog. Do you want to get familiar with a really dope artist? Man of course you do so go ahead and check this project out! -Royal Cortez

With his latest project Reppa Ton shines and shows you exactly why you should be keeping an eye out for him. Rep has been on a hot streak since he released Forever Changes he continued his streak by dropping Thriii late last year. Something that Is a known fact Is that scorpios always deliver dope content which you can only describe with words such as wicked and amazing. But all jokes aside Scorpio gang Is active this year Reppa Ton Is leading our horoscope sign with his latest offering. Let me be serious for a second Company FTL has one of the most talented teams all the way around. If you are a fan of basket ball I am sure you have Imagined LeBron James,Dwayne Wade,Carmelo Anthony and CP3 In their primes all on the same team Company FTL Is the rap equivalent of that.  Orphanage Of Dreams proves that Rep has a very bright future which he continues to prove with every new offering. His growth Is obvious when you listen to his music you can see him evolving and Polishing his skill set. I see this project as this dude's Untitled unmastered because they are only a glimpse of what he Is capable of. Something I have come to expect from this mc Is awesome music which Is relatable which honestly he always delivers. Have you ever been excited to hear what new project your favorite artist Is going to drop but then they disappoint? I know we all have experienced that but I'm going to let you know now you will never go through that with Reppa Ton reason being he always delivers great content. A huge reason this artist sticks out to me Is his vulnerability he Is not scared to tell what he has been through which Is a breath of fresh air.  He Is a rare artist In today's music scene because he Is someone who Is telling his stories,his pains,his fears, and his ambitions In his music. The biggest quality that makes artists like Wale,2pac, and Kanye West deliver memorable music Is their vulnerability. His music will help you get through the day his stories paint pictures In your mind. In my honest opinion music which makes you visualize Is the best Orphanage Of Dreams helps Introduce you to the talented wordsmith named Reppa Ton. This project Is a very fun listening experience It Is short but very enjoyable.  The reason he sticks out to me from other artists Is his ability to be himself and tell stories through his lyrics about what he has been through. This tape has the perfect name because LA Is truly the orphanage of dreams It Is the city where dreams are either broken or made true. One of the most important qualities to have as a artist Is confidence and to truly believe In yourself. When Rep decided to leave home which Is Richmond Virginia to go follow his dreams In LA he showed to everyone that he truly believes In himself which Is a quality that many lack. I see this tape as a movie which tells the story of a young artist who left home to chase his dreams which can end up In a orphanage and that should be applauded. I know many many many many artists but Reppa Ton Is someone I truly believe In not Just because he Is my friend but honestly he gives you that energy that he Is destined for great things. If you have not heard about this artist I recommend you check out this tape which will surely leave a lasting Impression on you. With his latest offering he shows his growth as a artist and as a human being which Is awesome to hear play out. You can check out this project on the Company FTL bandcamp page. 

Favorite Song?Numba 6

My favorite song off this outstanding project has to be Numba 6 reason being It stood out to me the most. This gem Is smooth and relaxing which also seems to be sprinkled with pleasant lyrics. This Is truly a track that you will listen to a lot once you come across It. He showcases his hook making ability which has always been stellar. Numba 6 Is very catchy It get stuck In your head and that Is a great quality for a song to have. He tells a story on this gem where he talks about riding with his homies and being aware of his surroundings. I truly believe a high school diploma Is not a measure of Intelligence but a measure of obedience and knowing what to repeat. You can tell he Is a very smart person when you listen to this song. It Is very refreshing to hear a artist talk about his family In their music and this track earned bonus points because of It! If you are not acquainted with the lyricist known as Reppa Ton you truly are missing out. 

Rating? 5 Crowns 

Orphanage Of Dreams has earned a 5 crowns rating from me reason being It Is a project that showcases Rep as a well rounded artist. You can learn a lot about a artist through their music so when you hear this tape you are truly getting to meet him as a person. I love projects which actually make me visualize the lyrics playing out so that Is why this tape earned such a high rating from me. This Is truly a offering that you can listen to from start to end and that Is amazing. Orphanage Of Dreams has a huge amount of replay value which will surely be used. If you have been following my reviews you would know that before this piece only 3 artists have received a 5 crowns rating those individuals are Cash Lansky,Y Not, & Nu3ra Ness. Reppa Ton has entered a rare class listen to this project see for yourself why he Is a rare breed.