Dutchboy drops Annual Check Up

Dutchboy dropped a new track for us to enjoy titled Annual Check Up where he raps over some mellow relaxing production. He also produced this track which shows that this dude Is not just a talented rapper but a very cool producer who has a lot of potential. This Is the first song he has dropped since he released his When I'm Not Around album a few months back. The New Jersey artist shines on a track which shows his growth as a musician and person. If you have not came across his music you are truly missing out so let me put you on to a artist who has some really enjoyable music you should be listening to.  -Royal Cortez 

Dutchyboy delivers a chilling song which will even give goosebumps to your skeleton. He shines as a rapper with a dark flow and his delivery which help his lyrics paint a picture. When you listen to Annual Check Up you can truly visualize It playing out. This song was released exactly a week ago on his soundcloud so It Is the perfect time to drop a piece about It. I saw a few other blogs cover this awesome track but I felt like the piece was weak reason being they did not go In depth and help build up Dutchyboy correctly. When a artist drops a song like this they deserve to have a In depth piece written about them. Wearebugginout Is the blog where you can find articles about amazing artists where we try to build them up so you the listener can become excited to check out. Annual Check Up showcases this artist talent and shows his growth as person. The reason this song stood out to me heavy Is that he Is not scared to be vulnerable and It ultimately elevates this song. This beat Is very dope It goes perfectly with his lyrics which together help paint the vibe that ultimately make you enjoy this song twice as much. On this track he doesn't only shine as a rapper but also as a producer. The sample on this song Is relaxing but soulful at the same time which Is a perfect mixture. A lyric that stood out to me heavy Is "I make music for the hoes but my conscience ringing" That line stood out to me heavy because he shows that his mindset Is deeper than the content he made for the girls. He talks about his ambitions,goals and also his fears which bring a very good balance to a song that Is very mellow. Annual Check Up shows that Dutchboy Is truly growing as a artist at the end of the day It will get you excited to see what else he has to offer.