They. drop visuals for Back It up

The very talented R&B duo who go by the name of They. drop a very cool video for a track titled Back It Up. This very dope duo are based out of Los Angeles which Is the city where they are also from. This group consists of singer Drew and producer Dante who dropped their debut album NU Religion Hyena 2 months ago.  It Is awesome to see 2 gifted Individuals work together to deliver awesome music. If you have not heard about this dope team I recommend you check this video out and see for yourself why they should be on your radar. If you are a fan of R&B this video Is perfect for you reason being It has amazing vocals accompanied with trippy visuals which will get you interested In checking them out. -Royal Cortez

This video dropped last Friday which was a very good day to release visuals for Back It Up reason being It was the start of the weekend. On weekends people party they go drink or go get high even though those 2 events are very different they do share one common trait. When people get high or drink they need great music to get them In a good vibe. Back It Up can be used for which ever event but I am sure fans of trips would enjoy this video alot because It Is truly a work of art the way It was directed was really well done. With their latest offering this duo continue to show that they have some of the best music videos out today. Jack Begert shines on this as the director who directed this awesome video which will surely make a Impression on every person with a good working head. This video had 2 producers which was Sam Canter & Christian Sutton they helped create these visuals so Its a must to give them their due. The director of photography was Juan Sebastian Baron who also helped contribute to one of the most unique videos to be released so far In 2017. They. are on a hot streak which seems like will not be put out anytime soon so you can continue to expect awesome visuals and amazing tracks which will continue to build their case as a duo you should be taking attention to. Even though these dudes have toured with Bryson Tiller they are still hugely underestimated which Is a danm shame and with this piece I am looking to explain to you why this video Is proof that they are really great artists who should not be slept on. As a blog writer I am always reading other blogs & Its upsetting to see those writers not go In depth with their articles so they can help build up the artists correctly. This video Is one of the best done so far this year because of the effects,visuals, and concepts which elevate this duo like angels. These visuals have a more dark gloomy vibe but the amazing vocals help bring balance to this video so that everyone could enjoy. Back It Up shows exactly what NU Religion Hyena did which Is that Drew and Dante are In sync. A result of them being In sync brings us awesome music which has a very special vibe. If you have not heard of this very talented duo I suggest you get on top of that asap because like the girls say "Your missing out." They kicked off The Nü Religion's European leg earlier this week on Tuesday! You can buy NU Religion Hyena on Itunes and buy tickets for their tour on their website. You can check out the tour dates below. 

“Nü Religion” European Tour Dates

May, 9— Klubben – Stockholm, Sweden
May, 10—Parkteateret – Oslo, Norway
May, 11—Beta – Copenhagen, Denmark
May, 13—Reineke Fuchs – Cologne, Germany
May, 14—Yaam – Berlin, Germany
May, 17—Melkweg – Amsterdam, Netherlands
May, 19—Charlatan – Gent, Belgium
May, 21—La Magnifique Society – Reims, France
May, 23—La Bellevilloise – Paris, France
May, 25—XOYO – London, United Kingdom
May, 26—Deaf Institute – Manchester, United Kingdom
May, 28—Headrow House – Leeds, United Kingdom