Stranger EP Review

RUBiX & the Resistance dropped a EP titled Stranger earlier this week which features Marley B and Jaca Zulu. They dropped a 6 track project which will surely make a good Impression on you. It Is cool to see Rubix and the Resistance drop a project reason being I been following their music for a  few months. I came across this team earlier this year because I saw the Speakerbox twitter page post about them. If you have not heard their latest offering I am going to try my best to convince you to check it out with this piece and see what they have to offer. This Is a short EP but a small quantity of greatness Is way better than a large quantity of boredom. This project Is like a bunch of fireworks going off In your ears. -Royal Cortez

This EP has a perfect name for It "Stranger" Rubix and The Resistance deliver vibes that are stranger than what you usually hear In hip hop. The vibe of this project puts It In a lane of Its own which elevates It to another level. I honestly wouldn't even put this In the hip hop genre Its like a mix of wickedness. The way I would describe their music would be like a Rubik's cube reason being when you think you got It figured out you realize that you don't. Stranger kicks off with the well named Stranger track. The first track on this project sets the mood for the rest of the listening experience which Is a very enjoyable and Interesting event. Stranger Is truly a trip It starts off with a slow cool beat which sounds very similar to theme music that you would find In a old nintendo game. The thing that surprised me Is when It got more dark and got my blood rushing with what I would describe as a electric guitar solo which will leave you with your mouth open whispering "What just happened?" The best way I can describe It would be as do you know that situation when someone you have not talked to In months or even years lets say a friend or ex slides In your dms. It will truly leave you In shock like a cliffhanger on a movie or TV show finale. This project Is very fun to listen to It has a mix of many different styles which showcase Rubix & The Resistance's diversity which Is a great trait to have In my opinion. You can expect to be shocked If you have not heard their music because It truly Is on a different level. More than meets the eye Is the 2nd track on this offering which continues to showcase this awesome team which will surely make a long lasting Impression. This group Is honestly a breath of fresh air In the Tucson music scene reason being you will not find another team which Is making this type of music. They have truly developed a unique style which separates them from other artists. This track has a very throwback type vibe Its like something you would hear In a late 80's movie which Is cool as hell! The 2nd track of this EP features the very talented Jaca Zulu who Is also a artist you should be keeping an eye out. This collab Is probably one of my favorites so far In the year reason being you cant put Jaca Zulu or Rubix and the Resistance In just one category because they are capable of delivering In every style  they want to try. Come On Is a very Interesting song which has a very cool beat and Is In company of some very cool lyrics. The production on this project Is stellar who ever handled the production deserves bonus points. A song that stood out to me heavy Is Dark Energy which features Gldn Artist Group's Marley B who Is a very awesome artist In his own right. This track stood out to me as a modern day Numb/Encore with Rubix and The Resistance taking the place of Linkin Park while Marley takes the place of the goat Hov. But In all seriousness they delivered a mixture of styles which Is very hard to execute and that should be applauded. These cats did something that many are scared to do which Is stepping out of their comfort zones and trying something new which at the end of the day works out In their favor. Their guts to try different things ultimately makes them more Interesting as artists. This Is a great 6 track offering which I surely recommend you check out. Rubix and The Resistance shine on Stranger EP which showcases their diversity,their ability to adapt to different styles and execute them effortlessly. Stranger Is a sign of what this team has to offer which will surely get you excited to hear more music from these talented indivuals.  

Favorite Song:Come On 

My favorite song off this project was Come On reason being the vibe was very dope. I loved the way It showcased Rubix & The Resistance's ability to take you back In time 2 decades or 3. Come On shows that they are very capable of doing different vibes which brings a special energy around them because of it. The first half of Come On has a very funky vibe to It which brings goosebumps to your body. The beat for this song Is amazing I am trying to find a way to describe It but I can't so check It out and see for yourself. The production Is very awesome starts off very funky then slows down Into more of a calm vibe.  

Rating:4 Crowns. 

The reason why I will be rating the Stranger EP 4 Crowns Is because of the execution,delivery,vibe, and diversity. This 6 track project showcase them In a way which will make you truly excited to hear more of their content. Something that also helped It out Is the the features Marley B and Jacu Zulu contribute making this offering a very fun listening experience while also shining themselves. The vibe I got from this listening experience was amazing reason being for a long time I've known what to expect from the artists I listen to. But Rubix & The Resistance had me actually excited to hear what the next song had to offer reason being I didn't know what to expect. This listening experience was one of my favorites, I have a good feeling once you hear Stranger EP you will feel the same way.