J Spin drops Drink To That

I came across this talented cat when I was listening to music on soundcloud via stations & luckily this song popped up. Drink to that stood out to me right away It Instantly made me a fan. J Spin Is a artist who represents Maine If you have not came across this dude's music I will help you get acquainted by writing on his latest song which has become one of my favorites since I heard it! I want to help make wearebugginout the best hip hop blog out so the best way to do that Is by writing about awesome artists who are not from Tucson. If you love great vocals with some amazing vibes I recommend you give J Spin a chance and check out his latest offering. If you want to hear a young talented artist I suggest you press play on this song and witness for yourself what the talented J Spin has to offer. -Royal Cortez

A few days ago I was going through my daily routine which contains me spending 6-8 hours listening to music on Soundcloud trying to discover a new artist I can bump. Sadly I didint come across many artists that stood out right away but a few hours In I came across this awesome song which J Spin recently released. This song was released a week ago which makes it a perfect time to drop a piece about it. I am not sure If someone else wrote on It already but If they did I am going to make sure this Is the best piece on this song. Something I hate about writers who write about artists Is they do not go In depth which the artist deserves for creating dope art. Wearebugginout Is the place where you can find In depth pieces which will hopefully make the artist smile for the writer taking their time to write a article which Is actually fun and interesting to read. Drink To That Is a really chilling song which will give you goosebumps because of J Spin's hypnotizing vocals. J Spin mixes really dope vocals with relatable lyrics which will make you a fan of this young artist who will have no problem making a believer out of you. The hook to this song Is very relaxing soulful which Is a perfect mix and at the end of the day It puts this track In a special lane. When you hear this song It's vocals will make a run right to home like a MLB player. One of the tags In this songs info Is chill which Is a perfect description of a song which Is very chill but can touch you on a emotional level. This song Is very fun to listen to and It has the bonus of everybody being able to relate to It. If you are looking for a new artist you can vibe to J Spin Is most definitely that cat. If you are looking for chill vocals, great lyrics, and a unique vibe mixed together Drink To That Is the example of that very cool mixture. Drink To That Is proof that Maine has a very talented artist holding It down who will continue to do that as he keeps growing. I checked out his soundcloud profile I saw how he Is a very consistent artist which Impressed me as fan of music. Consistency Is a very Important quality for a artist to have so to see that this cat has that shows that he has a very bright future ahead of him. He Is only 21 years old so when you see him dropping music of this quality you would think he has been doing this since birth.  On Drink To That he raps over some really great production who ever made this beat gets huge bonus points! As he continues to drop new music he will prove to you that he Is a young artist who will become a star.