Benny Loc drops visuals for Benny's Song pt 2

Havnot Records Benny Loc dropped a video for a song off his recently released album titled Clouds. If you have not heard about this Havnot let me get acquainted to this artist who continues to drop great music for music lovers to enjoy. Benny Loc Is a talented MC who specializes In creating dope vibes,beats, and music that we can enjoy. I came across this dude's music earlier this year when I started writing for this blog. Something that I enjoy about this dude Is he dosen't try to be something he Is not he just creates awesome music and that Is awesome In my eyes. Clouds was the start of a very great year and as he continues to drop music you can see he will continue to build a name for himself.  If you have not heard Clouds let me fill you in with this write up on this video which Is for a track off that very same album. -Royal Cortez

This video was dropped Monday and Benny Loc made a really good choice by choosing to make a video for this song because It was a stand out off of Clouds. This video Is very simple It doesn't have any difficult concepts to understand Its just a music video showcasing a great song. The great thing about this track Is that It doesn't need any absurd concepts to make it shine reason being the music makes it stick out. Simplicity Is very good It can work out perfect for artists. Benny Loc Is a example of what can happen when you just focus on creating a dope vibe. With this video he Is letting the music speak for itself and It speaks volumes. This video has a old backpack rap vibe Its simple which Is very fun.  The scenes are very similar to videos you would have seen In the early 2000s which Is very dope. This havnot showcases how you should have not slept on him because his potential Is very obvious. When you watch this video you will forget about the simplicity and you will fade into the vocals which are beautiful. You will get hypnotized by this havnot's music reason being his lyrics are mellow. He uses a mellow flow which helps him paint a picture that Is very vivid.  This song was the perfect one to have a video for reason being It Is a song that stood out In Clouds because of the vocals which help you visualize what he Is trying to get across. Nothing says Havnot more than a Nirvana shirt this was a very good addition. This video Is a movie It helps you visualize a song which Is for Benny. If you have not heard seen this video check It out and see why you should keep an eye out for this artist who continues to grow. Clouds was the beginning of evolution of this talented MC and he will continue to develop Into a artist you should be listening to.