Speakerbox Mondays:Royal Cortez's Song Of The Week;Pray By J Xenio

First thing Is first shout out to V Riv and D Rezz for linking up with me every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to play my song of the week! This weeks song of the week Is Pray by J Xenio who Is a member of a young collective named Syndication Productions. I am going to continue the concept I did last week with more mello music with a message.S/o to my bro Supa Soop he will be going on tour this summer as a part of the Winners Circle Tour which will be covered on here! Soop's My Country was my song of the week last week! J Xenio Is a young artist who I have covered on the blog before and He Is someone who I believe will make a Impact with quality music. If you are younger person In the city you will know about him and his team but If you are a older person In the city let me put you on game. -Royal Cortez

I like to show love to artists who are hardworking and humble that Is a major reason why I decided to show love to the young head who goes by J Xenio. Every track that I choose for "Royal Cortez's song of the week" has a reason to why I chose It. Lately I been thinking a grip about life,the hardships,my demons,fears, and the journey I am on. I came to the conclusion that all I can do Is Pray and stay focused on my goals. This Is a song that you can enjoy because J Is not scared to show his vulnerability and that makes this song awesome to hear reason being It makes you relate to the content. In this jewel he Is speaking thoughts which goes through every individual's mind. His song writing ability makes this dude's music feel so organic which Is a huge bonus and It puts him In a rare class of artists. Donato killed It on the production the sample he used for this track Is beautiful man. Pray was dropped later In the week but It was a song that stood out right away because of the vibe It gave me. This type of music has a timeless vibe to It. I truly believe that In the next few years that J Xenio will become a very popular artist If he stays humble and continues to work hard. There Is many reasons why I decided to choose this track as my song of the week and man one of the most important reasons Is that the execution was handled really well. When I first started chopping It up with this dude I knew right away he has all the qualities I enjoy In a artist and that Is humble,strong work ethic, and great music. I decided to have this song played this past Sunday because I think Its that type of song that has a message but also has the potential to be on the radio on a frequent basis. A major reason why I chose this track Is because In my opinion Its awesome to see young artists step up to the plate and drop amazing music. Younger heads are overlooked In the city for many reasons not being respectful,humble,being cocky,lazy, and thinking they are above everyone but J Xenio Is the opposite of everything I Just stated. Younger heads are overlooked for good reasons but there Is a small percentage of young heads who are dope and work hard. Cats like Woodro,R3D,Era, and now J Xenio enters that rare list of young heads. This song Is proof that J Xenio has a bright future ahead of him If he continues to work hard at this. The Syndication Productions member will continue to drop awesome music and build a name for himself as the year continues. Every track that Is chosen for my song of the week Is Important because every gem has a purpose to why It was chosen! This weeks theme Is the Importance of pushing and to stay working as you travel on your journey.  If you did not tune In this past weekend you missed out, so make sure you tune Into Speakerbox on 99.1 at 2pm this Sunday to hear Royal Cortez's Song of the week!