Pack Money drop Free Pack a dope collective offering.

Pack Money Is a Tucson collective that Is not as known as others but mark my words you better not sleep or you will wake up! One of the first few local cats I came across was Era so when I found out he was In a group I did not expect nothing but a dope collective and they did not come short because they are nothing but dope. This is the year when the Pack comes and gets all the money love and recognition. Something that I believe Is missing heavy now a days Is collectives the 90s had so many awesome teams like Wu Tang, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest,Public Enemy and more. Its amazing to see that we have a collective of dope cats creating gems for us In the city! -Royal Cortez

This tape Is flames man that Is the easiest way I can describe it. Free Pack's cover art Is a very good portrayal of Pack Money they are raps equivalent to Dragon Ball Z. On Free Pack they are a bunch of warriors fighting for bragging rights they are delivering enjoyable tracks left and right! As each beat drops you get hit by a bomb that has all of their spirits In It! This year I have witnessed so much awesome content Cash's Cool Table, Y Not's Gifted Mind and Now Free Pack. Pack Money's new tape will be on heavy repeat for the rest of the year. When I wrote about Don't Try This At Home I knew they were going to do some awesome things and this project proves that I was right. I am excited to hear more music from all of these cats as a collective and as Individuals. At first I was not aware of what Pack Money was so when I asked him and he told me "Yeah man it's more like a collective of all the people I started with." that got me hyped as hell.  Pack Money has the potential to become Tucson's Jet Life and what I mean by that Is a group of friends who all make nothing but dope music as a group and as Individuals. You know that reaction when a comic nerd finds out that there Is going to be a live adaption of his favorite comic? That Is how I reacted I went ape mode like Vegeta. All these heads are dope artists they are all capable of making banging hooks and dope verses. Something that I love heavy Is punchlines because Im a fan of battle rap,Fabolous and Euroz so when I heard this tape and I found out it was jam packed with punchlines I was In shock In a good way. This whole tape slaps like Solange, I'm sorry Hov I had to. The beats,the vibes,the bars,the delivery,the execution it was all flames. If you are close to me you probably figured out I enjoy projects which have a good amount of tracks 14 songs and up. When I found out Free Pack was 16 tracks I smiled like the Joker. Every single cat on this project shines equally, that Is amazing. Pack Money does not have a weak link and that ultimately elevates their music so much.

Favorite Song: 

I can't choose a favorite song off this tape man all the songs are amazing and fun to listen to. Pack Money truly raised the bar for the rest of the groups In the city and that Is cool to see. I believe the rest of the groups In the city will have a hard time topping this project. Every song off this project slaps any has the potential to be your favorite song. 


I have only given 2 albums my 5 crowns rating and those albums are The Cool Table and Gifted Mind. I believe Free Pack has earned the 5 crowns for many reasons, but I am going to give this project 4 crowns because I want to hear more music from them as a group before I give them such a high rating. If they continue to drop music like this a 5 crown rating Is In their future. Reasons like great production,replay value,diverse vibes, and that you will not get bored while listening to it. This project is full of heaters like the Human Torch in the comics. They have raised the bar heavy so its interesting to see how other groups from the city try to top this. This was my introduction to hearing them as a group so Its interesting to see what the future has In store for these cats. Pack Money can basically become the Justice league of Tucson hip hop a bunch of powerful heads uniting to make a bigger impact and I think with this offering they made a pretty good statement. This is a 5 crown worthy project but I am going to give it 4 crowns because I want to hear more music from them before I give them the highest rating.