RG Uno Interview.

One of the first few local artists I came across was a cat named RG Uno who is part of a group called Clumzy Stonerz which also is home to a dope lyricist named Toki. I became familiar with this cats music because I have many friends who are also spitters and  they introduced me to his music a minute ago. He was originally a Tucson artist but he moved to Oregon a few years back and now they are coming back to the city where they started next Wednesday. They are currently on tour and they will be here next week performing at the Loudhouse alongside the homie R3D. Let me get you introduced to him if you are already not familiar with him! Sadly this show has not been promoted as good as it should have so I'm taking It Into my hands that we can get a good welcoming home crowd for them Clumzy Stonerz! Something I appreciate heavy about RG Uno Is he is straight work he does not waste time or make excuses. Let me help you get to know this dude with a Interview! -Royal Cortez 

1.)When did you start making music?

Toki and I stared making music In the November of 2011.

2.)How did your group start? Well I moved to Tucson in my senior year of high school and he was in my 6th period drama class. I heard him rapping on my 2nd day of school and that's when I knew we had to start something. A movement, a group, a vision. 

3.)How did that name come together? 

After school Toki came back to my house and we smoked a bunch of weed. We were stoned out of our mind and fucked up the house. I mean the kitchen, the living room, everything was trashed. My mom walks In and yells at me for a dirty house. She says  "I'm so mad!! Your a bunch of Clumzy Stonerz" and this is how we were born.

4.)How many members is there?  

2 people are In the group Toki & I. 

5.)How long has your group been active?

 We been active the November of 2011.

6.)Favorite thing you guys have done together?

 Favorite thing we have done Is go to LA for the underground over mainstream awards because our video got nominated. Also now this tour we are currently on.

7.)How did you guys link up?  

It was complete randomness how me and Toki met... let alone started a whole rap movement
8.)Goals as a unit?

Our goals as a unit are to one day tour the world with our brand and one day starting a label for other Individuals like us who need a helping hand in the industry.

9.)Goals as a individual? 

My goals are to finish school for music psychology and be the owner of my own record label as well as go on solo tours and work on individual music.

10.)Any projects coming soon? We are currently working on our first official album titled 2 minds 1 vision.

11.)Which city did this group start in? We started in Tucson AZ, or as we like to call it Arizonas 6!

12.)Where are you guys currently located in? We are currently in central Oregon
13.)You are currently on tour whats the name of that tour? Pain Love And Whiskey Tour.

14.)What other artists are on tour with you? Jared Dean and Orion Raines who are a duo of guitar and rapid hip hop, also tour manager Deandre woods. Photographer and artist Lord Soypst and the man himself Chandler P!
15.)Any local artists opening up? Yes
16.)If so which local artists? We got R3D and others as local openers.

17.)What is your expectations for this show? This is our first homecoming show since leaving Tucson to pursue our music careers. And man I expect it to be jumping! We have already sold a lot of tickets and expect to sell more. Can't wait for it for sure!
18.)What can we expect from you guys at this show? You can expect to see Clumzy Stonerz In a way you have never seen them, we're transforming., Into the vision we started 6 years ago. We will make sure to have nothing but energy for the crowd and leave every single thing I have on that stage.