Bara Molina RV drops a music video for Donde Estan

Something that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately Is Spanish rap and that Is awesome because In my opinion Latinos are really underrated in Hip Hop. I'm not going to front Like I enjoy all Spanish rap because to be honest some artists are to repetitive and sound like 20 other cats. When I heard Bara Molina RV's Donde Estan I was honestly Impressed. He left me In awe reason being he didin't sound like the other cats In this lane. This cat could actually rap his ass off and that makes hearing this track even more fun to listen to. Donde Estan translates to where are they In English. He dropped a dope video so let me fill you In on why you should check It out. -Royal Cortez

I'm going to let you know right away this whole track Is In Spanish so you might not understand what he Is saying. If you understand spanish this Is a track you will enjoy heavy he Is delivering awesome offering. On this track he Is basically rap's Zeus hunting down his enemies. The visuals are simple but very effective,there Is multiple scenes that stick out to your eye. I enjoyed the scenes when he is rapping In the school bus and In front of his whip. His flow Is very smooth but also sharper than a piranha's teeth. The hook for Donde Estan Is very catchy It Is a hook that will get stuck In your head for a long time. This was my first time hearing Bara Molina RV and He made me a fan I am excited to hear more music from him. If you are Into Spanish rap this Is a track I recommend you check out. In this track its very well constructed everything is on point. His flow is golden like a rollie. If you are interested in checking out spanish rap this song is basically the one that should be at the top of your list. Spanish rappers are underestimated big time they are some of the cats with some of the best punchlines. Something that separates him from other Spanish rappers is he is unique and has a style that is his own.