Gifted Mind Album Review

Y Not dropped a awesome album titled Gifted Mind 2 months ago I wanted to take my time writing this piece because I wanted to study this project so I could understand it more. When you read this piece I'm sure you will think It was worth the wait.. If you don't know who Y-Not Is let me fill you in real quick, he Is basically a dope artist who is also a rap battler who is holding down the city on KOTD. If you follow the battle rap scene you probably have checked out one or 2 of his battles on KOTD. He Is not just gifted at torching Mcs but he Is also the owner of a mind which is able to create some really amazing music. -Royal Cortez

When I first found out that he dropped a album I checked it out right away and he honestly surprised me. Many people that follow battle rap say that battle rappers are only good at torching each other but Y Not broke that myth with this album. He delivered a impressive offering which will leave you mind blown like Kurt Cobain. Gifted Mind Is a breathtaking listening experience when you hear this album you will become a fan. This Is a album that was really well crafted there Is many dope tracks with different types of vibes. He gives you a project which lets you get to know him as a musician but also more importantly as a person. One of my favorite songs off this album is titled Horror Story reason being that the story he tells on it stood out to me right away. The reason Horror Story stood out to me heavy Is due to the fact that the production,the vibe, and the message catch your ear right away. One of my favorite songs off this album Is Like That because It Is hype and fun to hear. Another reason why It Is one of my favorites because he dropped a video for It and I got a piece for that video! Daydreaming also stood out to me as another song that I enjoyed heavy because the beat Is flawless and Y Not shines with his lyrics. Whatever the price was another song that was one of my favorites because the sample on the production and his vibe. I enjoyed how he mentioned many great rappers that are considered legends. This album has 16 tracks and any song off this project can become your favorite song! Not many people know this about me but I am the type of person that enjoys long albums because I can listen to It and It will last a good amount of time. I appreciate longer albums because I can study the album and dissect It. This Is a really awesome album I recommend you check It out. You can stream It on Spotify and I suggest you check It out once your done reading this piece. 

Favorite Song-

I do not have a favorite song off this album because I enjoyed every song but I recommend you listen to it and choose a favorite song for yourself. This album alongside The Cool Table are album of the year contenders, It will be very hard to top this project so if you are going to drop something this year I recommend you try to reach the bar that Y-not raised. 


My rating for Y Not's Gifted Mind would have to be 5 crowns because It Is a work of art like Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Gifted Mind Is a work of art like Pablo Picasso's Guernica. I rated this album high because he delivered In every quality which makes a great album and that Is great beat selection,dope songs, diverse vibes, and many quotable lyrics. A major reason why I rated this album so high Is because Y Not proved that battle rappers are more than Punchline Machines he did something that many cant do and that Is break a dumb sterotype .