E Fresh drops Pray For Ya

E Fresh dropped a visual to a track called Pray For Ya on Monday this week. This song is off a project he recently dropped titled JAKFA. This video was directed by CXNNXN. He Is one of the first rappers from Tucson I found about because my friend gave me a copy of an album titled Pistols and Politics. I been following his music ever since so when I saw this video In my news feed I was excited to hear what he has been cooking up and I was not disappointed. If you are from the southside of Tucson you are very familiar with this cat but If you are not let me put you on game! -Royal Cortez 

He delivers a awesome offering with this visual because Its a track that we could all appreciate. Something that I enjoyed heavy about this video Is the Tucson Mural In the background It stood out to me heavy. If you are from Tuc you appreciate the art being showcased In music videos. This video had some awesome angles which made It more appealing to the eye. I enjoyed how he included his daughter In this video because it shows you he Is not just a dope artist but also a father. I don't like making comparisons but E Fresh Is basically our city's  Eminem because he Is not just a rapper but also a father and he talks consistently about being a dad In his music. In most rap songs the rapper Is usually talking negatively about the listener or someone random,So when he released this It was something that I knew I was going to enjoy. Instead of talking down on others he released a track which Is about Praying for the weak and at the end It elevates this song and video big time! This was a perfect song to get a visual because the message Is awesome and enjoyable to hear. This track Is off JAKFA which Is a project he recently dropped and a project I recommend you check out.