Speakerbox Mondays Song of the week: Oh My Goodness by EZ Goin

The song that I chose as my song of the week is Oh My Goodness by EZ Goin. The reason I chose this track is because this week I been listening to a lot of music like this these past few days. It was obvious to me that I had to choose a song for the airwaves that people could vibe out to. If you have not heard this track let me fill you in on why you should and why I chose this jewel as my track of the week on Speakerbox this past Sunday.  Shout out to Speakerbox for playing this song tune in next sunday at 2pm on 99.1 -Royal Cortez

These past few days I been in lust mostly because of 2 reasons one because I am young. The 2nd reason I been In lust is because I been listening to a lot of songs like this one but what separates this track is from others is when I see a baddie I rap this song In my head when I check a new girl out. Another reason I chose this song is very simple I feel like EZ Goin is a underrated artist from Tucson when I talk about local music with my casual Friends R3D,Gldn Artist Group, and EZ Goin are artists I always bring up as some dope locals people should be checking out. Ever since I heard this song its one that has been in heavy repeat for weeks till my ears were weak. Lately many of my friends outside of music have been telling me that I need to get a girl. But While I was listening to this very same track I realized just because a girl makes me say "Oh My Goodness" I will not get into a relationship with her. The reason for that is because yeah she can be bad but now a days beauty is the only thing girls have to offer and boring conversations with plenty of arguments as well. I chose this track as my song of the week because it helped me get my mind together on what I wanted and I feel like once you listen to it you will see why I chose this song as well. This is awesome song and I suggest you check it out if you haven't already. When I choose a song for Speakerbox to play on the radio I want there to be a reason a theme or a message to why I chose that song. This weeks theme is basically simping because I been listening to Adele's Someone like you to much.