J Xenio drops Essence produced by Donato.

To find young talented and humble artists Is very rare because most of the time young heads are full of themselves and are ignorant so Its annoying to hear their music. When the homie Mac The Martian tagged J Xenio In my post I hit him up and chopped it up with him. I instantly knew this dude was young talented and humble. Those 3 qualities are a perfect trio like Hot cheetos,limon, and chamoy. This cat Is part of a group called Syndication Productions which also is home to Raygoza, a cat I wrote about earlier in the year. If you are not familiar with him let me get you familiar! He Is a rapper who I believe has a bright future. He Impressed me big time check him out and see for yourself why I decided to write about him. -Royal Cortez

This song is honestly amazing its him speaking his thoughts Its really enjoyable to hear. He Is a artist that Is not as known as the bigger locals but I think with his work ethic and his mindset he will establish himself In the scene soon enough. I enjoy hearing artists who are humble because I'm not Into hearing cats who think they are the goat. When I chopped It up with him I knew right away he Is a dude who has all the qualities I enjoy seeing In artists hardworking,humble, and having a good head on his shoulders. This gem is very slow chill and basically him speaking his mind I enjoyed hearing it heavy and so will you. This Is my first time writing about him so when I pop cherries, I want to give some background info on the artist so you can learn more about the artist I'm writing about and so you can feel like you know him a bit more as a person. Like I said In the Intro he Is a member of Syndication Productions which Is a group full of awesome artists. Something that I think is dope about this artist Is that he is only 17 years old and he Is delivering Impressive content! He filled me In and he told me he has been making music since he was 12 and he starting writing verses in the 7th grade. He told me he recorded his first track as a freshmen in high school and he also mixes and masters all his own music. When we chopped it up he told me "I was just talking about some real shit that was going on and I described what really bothered me you feel." when he told me that I knew a major reason people like his music is because everybody can enjoy something they can relate to. Donato shines on this song the production, the beat is flawless Its really well made. I checked out his other music and I can definitely tell he has grown a lot as a artist,so It Is very enjoyable to hear his newer content and see the progression.  If you have not heard of J Xenio I suggest you get acquainted because you are missing out big time on a really dope artist.