Atlas drops and the days will continue coming

A artist I recently got introduced to was Atlas who is from Indiana. Something I noticed right away is that he dosen't have a specific sound he is able to create different styles and diverse can probably be his middle name. He dropped this song a month ago he has recently dropped 2 more songs since then but the reason I decided to write about this song is this is the one that became my favorite. He is a young artist, he was born in 1998 and it seems like he has been doing this for years. Let me get you familiar with a artist who I believe has a very bright future. -Royal Cortez

This jewel was produced by a beat maker who goes by the name of KilledMySelf. This gem also features another artist who goes by the name of Barren. The reason And the days will continue coming became my favorite song from Atlas is because its a amazing song to listen, I loved the production, the hook, and the verses. I think its dope to see young artists stepping up to the plate and showing people what they are capable of. The beat is mellow relaxed and its just very relaxing to hear. Atlas & Barren styles meshed perfectly they created a dope song. They were basically the rap equivalent of KD & Westbrook before Durant went snake. After this song I want to hear more collabs between these dudes. They are a better duo than Beavis & Butt-Head they are in perfect sync on this gem. They are a better duo than Wally West and Barry Allen. If you have not heard of this song I recommend you check it out asap! Once you hear this song I believe you will get interested in Atlas and you will check out the rest of the music.