Woodro drops Honesty (feat.Carlos Capitals)

Woodro and Carlos Capital$ link up to drop a dope track which will stick out to your ears right away. When I first came across Woodro's music It was more calm and laid back but Honesty Is a example that this dude can cook up some bangers when needed. This Is the first track that these dudes have linked up for and If this Is a example of what we can expect from these dudes please god let us get more! He recruited DRXL Heights member & Phat Cat Records signee Carlos Capital$ to help him make this gem even more dope and they accomplished that. Something I love about Tucson's hip hop scene Is that Its mostly all love and everyone Is down to work with each other. When I first listened to this song I was caught off guard and this track surprised me big time. In this piece I will be talking about my thoughts on this gem and Ill cover why you should check It out. -Royal Cortez

Honesty Is Woodro In his flex god mode which has him rapping heavy hitting bars with a crispy flow that will hypnotize you. The hook on this gem Is contagious Its catchy fresh and Its gets stuck in your cabeza. Carlos Capital$ delivers like always with a clean flow which Is smoother than my pickup lines. Capital$ does not waste no time he gets straight to the point.. His ability to spit so many dope punchlines back to back Is a major reason why I believe he has a great feature. When I saw Woodro post this track on twitter,I had flashbacks to the Interview I did with D. If I were you I would check that out so you understand why I was In awe when I saw this track posted. Dro has that 80s rapper braggerish "Im the best" type vibe to him and It makes his music more interesting to listen to which Is a bonus. Cxdy shines on the production the beat Is hype as hell Its more hype than any hypeman. Both of these dudes shine brighter than stars on this offering so its cool to see how In sync they are. After listening to this track you would think they are part of the same camp! Something that I think Is important to note Is that both of these dudes performed at the unity festival so who knows maybe they connected there. After this gem Its a given that people will need more collabs from these talented cats to keep them satisfied. Another note both of these dudes will be performing at the next Gldn Party on May 27th. I suggest you go connect with new people and witness some dope live performances.