MC Shinobi drops Holding Wrath

The MC known as Shinobi recently dropped one of the best tracks with that 90s vibe to It. I started bumping Shinobi when the homie Gels recommended him to me a few months back. When you listen to this dude he gives you that Wu Tang vibe right away and that Is awesome If you are a Wu Tang fan or a fan of 90s east coast rap In general. Holding Wrath Is the perfect example of boom bap still having the potential to be timeless music In the modern day! This talented wordsmith hails from Phoenix Arizona and It Is awesome to see that we have a beast of a MC from our State! In New York artists like Shinobi are a grip but In Arizona he Is a diamond In a rough GS E links up with Shinobi to drop a dope record which will be put on repeat on every hip hop head's playlist. -Royal Cortez

Something that I loved about these visuals Is that It got Yung Mac out of his comfort zone vibe wise. Mac usually does more videos for hype type music so its dope to see him do a video for an MC. Yung Mac Is probably the most consistent video guy In the state because he works so much It Is impressive to see that he has basically worked with all the big names In the city and state as a whole. This jewel Is a pretty short track but Its a perfect offering from one of the brightest starts In Arizona. Holding Wrath Is a little over 2 minutes but Its a track that truly makes a impression because of hard hitting bars and magnificent production from Soe95. When I was listening to this track I was moving my head up and down like all the heads In the last scene of 8 mile. This reminds me big time of those Wu Tang Collabs that the members had on their albums. MC Shinobi and GS E are basically like Raekwon and Ghostface Killah on this gem because the way they flow off each others vibes. Shinobi has the perfect formula for his tracks short but effective and he continues to shine with this vibe. DJ Venum contributes to this dope record by doing the cuts which added a extra pinch of hip hop. As a fan of this dude I was expecting a dope record and he did not disappoint. He made me go In nerd mode with the Silver Surfer line. GS E established himself as a dope MC who will continue to build a name for himself with dope verses. Hopefully we get more collabs from these 2 dudes because lets be honest with this song they made us more hungry to hear more.