Success Story Review

These past 2 weeks so many artists have dropped some amazing projects which all require a review. I am covering the Winners Circle Tour here on wearebugginout and someone who recently dropped a awesome project Is Nu3ra Ness who coincidentally Is a part of that tour. He dropped this offering In January sadly I had my plate full but Its better late than never! He Is a artist who Is based outside of Tucson Arizona,  but he Is also a cat who deserves recognition for a project which will leave you In awe once you finish listening to it. This dude Is from Fredericksburg Virginia If you are from the city his name won't be that familiar with you but let me fill you In on why you should check him out. Success Story Is probably In my top 5 projects to have dropped In 2017 so far because Nu3ra Ness does not hold nothing back he spits nothing but dope vibes. I enjoyed how his music Is so well written you can honestly visualize every song happening because he Is ability to tell stories so well. His music can be described as relateable and revelant to the every day things we go through so It elevated this project to become a Success Story. -Royal Cortez

The cover art for Success Story Is perfect because this offering Is truly a movie. The way Nu3ra Ness raps so smoothly Is very comforting for your ears. Something that I truly believe Is missing big time In music now a days Is the ability to paint a picture. When you hear this album you can vision everything In your head and that Is something that Is amazing. One thing that caught me off guard was how relaxed and laid back the production Is. The beats are very mellow they have a early 2000s rnb type vibe which Is very cool to hear. The well named track Success Story kicks off this cinematic album. Right when you press play you get hit with what you can expect from this album and that Is awesome music which paints a picture In your mind which will make you appreciate this dudes story about success. After I heard the first track I knew this was going to be a great listening experience and I was not disappointed. Dreams Is a song which will touch you on a emotional level, something I loved about this offering Is that Nu3ra Ness shows that It Is perfectly fine to talk about our insecurities. Rappers always have that "I'm going to make it no matter what" attitude and sometimes It blinds them from realizing Its not that simple. Being aware of reality Is what separates this dude from all the other rappers and at the end It elevates his music on another level. I Interpreted Success Story as a album which shows all the hardships and etc that Nu3ra Ness went through to be able to tell a story which talks about how he reached success. This project has many gems like Famous,Successful,Busy Now and many more which all share the potential to become your new favorite track. Busy Now Is a dope track It talks about a situation that we all go through people talk down on you but once you start getting busy they start hitting you up like Its been all love but like Nu3ra Ness says "Bet they miss me now!" Something that stood out to me right away Is that his songwriting ability Is very strong so Its not wonder he paints pictures so well. I am a huge fan of punchlines so to see that he has the ability to spit some awesome lines that are both Impressive and creative Is amazing! This album Is 15 tracks long but It feels like time goes by quick when you are listening and at the end of the day that Is what makes this project so fun to listen to. He deserves a award for this album because It can hang with the best as a candidate for a "Album of the year" award. Come Home and Heaven are also stand out tracks that I recommend you listen to. He has a great ear for beats which ultimately makes this an amazing project all the way around! You can check this project out on spotify.

Favorite Song:Rose Gold Freestyle

My favorite song off this album Is Rose Gold freestyle for many reasons which Include relaxing production,a awesome vibe, and his ability to make a great song. Rose Gold stood out to me reason being that It was just awesome to hear It play out. The sample on Rose Gold Is like medicine for your soul It sticks out and heals your heart. A line that made me make a stank face on this track was the Dak Prescott punchline. I suggest you check this song out asap and see for yourself why it became my favorite song!


Rating:5 Crowns

The reason I am rating this project so high Is because It Is great from start to end. Success Story has a great amount of replay value which will make you have It on repeat for a very very very very long time. I have not rated a album 5 crowns since Y-Nots Gifted Mind. Nu3ra Ness joins Cash Lanksy & Y Not In a rare class of artists who have earned this rating. When I write reviews I don't want to give a 5 crowns rating to just any project but I believe Success Story has earned this rating because of how refreshing It Is! A huge reason why this album earned this rating Is because It has a vibe that Is missing big time In hip hop. The vibe Is natural and organic which ultimately elevates It to another level. When you are talking about best projects of the year Success Story should be Included and If Its not you are sleeping on a work of art!